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Why is 7-Eleven a go-to convenience store for students?

Why is 7-Eleven a go-to convenience store for students?

Have you ever felt the need to relax and go to your favorite convenience store after school? Of course, not all students can afford to go to a coffee shop and spend their spare time there. Don’t you think? Some students are just simple. They just want to have a limited budget. But, still, the urge to buy something is there. That’s why convenience stores like 7-Eleven exist.

So, why is 7-Eleven a go-to convenience store for students?

The Philippines ranked seventh as one of the countries that have the most number of 7-Eleven stores globally. There are about three thousand stores nationwide. Cebu houses the first 7-Eleven store that opened in the country. Then, they decided to expand around Luzon. Then, in Mindanao. Of course, they explored more in the Visayas.

Hygen, a Computer Science student in Lyceum, always feels the need to go to 7-Eleven near his house. Then, he would buy his favorite berry Slurpee after an exhausting day in his online class. He said that it is one of his comfort food and he feels happy every time he’s drinking it.

Slurpee | 7-Eleven

Geneva, on the other hand, chose 7-Eleven as her favorite go-to convenience store. It is affordable and the green apple Slurpee there tastes refreshing. She said it is best to try with a big bite (cheesy jumbo hotdog).

Brian, Ian, and Mark, Computer Engineering students in STI Las Piñas, chose 7-Eleven as their go-to store. They go there during their free time, usually after doing their school work to freshen up themselves. They would a big Delight drink and Sting energy drink)partnered with a busog meal.

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Students deserve a treat

Online class or modular class is not as easy as some may think. It requires a lot of focus and determination to learn and catch up with the lessons. Meanwhile, some are privileged enough to have a stable internet connection and a gadget to study, some are not, but still, they both struggled to learn.

After a long and exhausting day in school, students deserve to treat themselves with a budget that they have. Convenience stores, that is almost everywhere, have lots of refreshing foods to offer.

These students found their comfort in going outside for a walk and to a 7-Eleven store nearby and buying their favorite Slurpee. And, that’s in some level of happiness. What’s your go-to favorite convenience store? Care to share?

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