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This Fusion Cuisine’s spicy pork should be on your next meal, stat!

This Fusion Cuisine’s spicy pork should be on your next meal, stat!

Haru Haru Fusion Cuisine launched with a concept of providing ready-to-cook Asian meals. It all started with the owner’s passion that grew from recreating authentic flavors at home that their family experienced in another country.
“From supermarkets to places to buy dinnerware and kitchen goods, our family never misses visiting these places whenever we go out of the country.”

Haru Haru Fusion Cuisine for everyone

Due to the limitations brought by the pandemic, families opt to explore food options that minimize their risks of going outside and contracting the virus. Hence, buying from online shops!
Haru Haru wanted to serve its delicious products and at the same time deliver them without the hassle. Especially for those who have been craving for Korean food and couldn’t have access to their favorite Asian grocery stores at the moment.
“Especially in this time of the pandemic, Haru Haru Fusion Cuisine’s ready-to-cook meals serve the goal of saving time as people struggle to manage to separate work from personal activities.”
Yes, their famous Spicy Pork is packed to be ready-to-eat as soon as you receive them. They know that preparing your favorite Asian dishes at home requires a lot of work and effort, so they made it easier for the customers!
“I’ve also noticed, at least for some, trying out large bottles of ingredients to bring out an authentic taste of a single meal then allowing them to sit out in their cabinets for months until they expire. Hence, creating Haru Haru Fusion Cuisine’s ready-to-cook meals with a goal of improving everyone’s lifestyle by trying to get rid of extra expenses from deliveries and unused ingredients.”

Convenience & quality

Haru Haru believes that convenience shouldn’t be a privilege, instead, should be made available to all. Their ready-to-cook meals are prepared and sealed in a vacuum pack to preserve its quality and give an excellent experience at the comfort of your home.
The taste is not compromised as well. As we’ve tried them, it’s like we’ve been transported to our favorite Samgyup restaurants outside!
“Our brand promises to only give a rich authentic flavor and quality meat to our consumers. For example, if we released a Korean cuisine on our menu, from meat to other ingredients, all are sourced from a Korean specialty store.”
They have the Stir-fry Spicy Pork in 500g per pack for only P349!
Haru Haru just opened this month as well and are working on more exciting dishes for everyone. So do check out their Instagram and place your orders!
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