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Basking in the breeze and the sun in Quezon with DOT-Calabarzon

Basking in the breeze and the sun in Quezon with DOT-Calabarzon

The Department of Tourism – Region IVA has its flagship domestic program with the Green Corridor Initiative. This aims to boost sustainable tourism in and around Calabarzon. Its role is to maintain regional biodiversity, improve environmental quality, and offer economic resilience opportunities. Recently, the Department of Tourism’s Calabarzon office invited Village Pipol Magazine on a three-day trip for a Calibrated Tourism Circuit Validation and Assessment in the province of Quezon, showcasing attractions in municipalities. These include Padre Burgos, Agdangan, Macalelon, General Luna, Catanauan, and Mulanay.

Basking in the breeze and the sun in Quezon with DOT-Calabarzon

The validation of the identified tourism circuit became one of the essential steps in its development. It considers the specific measures of readiness and quality of tourism products that will remain promoted and marketed under the Green Corridor Initiative. 

The participating tourism industry stakeholders in the validation are the following:

  • Representatives from the Quezon Province Association of Travel and Tour Agencies (QuePATTA)
  • Media Representatives from Philippine Information Agency (PIA) and Digital Content Creators
  • Provincial and Municipal Tourism Officers
  • Tourism Promotions Board (TPB)
  • Department of Health Region IV-A

Day 1

Balay ng Itay

Balay ng Itay is a private resort located in Padre Burgos, Quezon. Guests and visitors can feel the fresh breeze from the cool mountain forest that surrounds it. It’s definitely a must-visit, especially with the nature and serene environment. They offer guaranteed accommodation, savory dishes, rooms, and amenities that come perfectly with leisure and relaxation. 

Pulang Lupa Island

Pulang Lupa is a stretch of a rocky island on the eastern part of Patnanungan, Quezon. The name actually came from the vibrant red color of the boulders along the shore. Aside from that, guests and visitors can also see the patches of fine and pitch-black sand in some areas of the island. It is important to note, on the other hand, that Pulang Lupa has no facilities and the only structures there would include small houses nearby.

Dampalitan Island

Dampalitan Island is one of the three most popular islands dotting the northern fringes of Tayabas Bay. However, this is part of Padre Burgos in Quezon, the usual jump-off point. Among the three beaches, Dampalitan Island has the widest bed of fine off-white sand. It also remains an unpopulated location and is overloaded with budol fights. 

D Yellow House Inn

D Yellow House Inn is a private resort in Agdangan, Quezon. It is nestled among the coconut groves and accentuates the beautiful countryside. All rooms have air-conditioning, cabled television, Wi-Fi, water heaters, and en suite baths. This is also where we tried the puto bao delicacies that remain one of the main products of the Quezon province. 

Day 2

Isidore Parish Church

Located in Agdangan, Quezon, the St. Isidore Parish Church houses the Luminous Cross of Grace Sanctuary. It is a 120-feel tall Catholic tower and sanctuary built just beside the town’s parish church. Collective visions and dreams of several people about the sanctuary brought together important people who played a big role in the movement to build the sanctuary in 2004.

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 Eloisa’s Special Tikoy

Tikoy is also a popular delicacy in Macalelon, Quezon. It is a sweet and chewy steamed rice cake. Eloisa’s Special Tikoy remains one of the most favored in the municipality. Eloisa Fornea started it in 1985 and it has since gained three more branches around the area. 

Casa Joros Mendenilla Resort

Casa Joros Mendenilla Resort is another must-visit place located in Catanauan, Quezon. It’s a perfect place to have a piece of relaxation away from the Metro. It offers both a province and a modernized vibe of accommodations. They have an overlooking infinity pool, a good Wi-Fi connection, and cold and breezy air among so many others. 

Day 3

Catanauan Cove White Sand Beach Resort

The Catanauan Cove is a 12-hectare world-class white sand beach and residential resort. Located in Catanuan, Quezon, it has become one of the country’s prime tourist destinations. It strongly advocates the protection of Mother Earth and has actually established a community-based sustainable eco-tourism program for the purpose. That’s why they say take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints, kill nothing but time

Eyns Hotel, Restaurant, and Services

Eyns Hotel, Restaurant, and Services is a definite old but gold kind of destination in Catanauan, Quezon. It offers the province’s delicacies such as sinalad oraro, tinalpak, and buko halo-halo. They have thirty-five years under their belt and have never failed to serve good food and good ambiance to their customers. 

Overall, the trip has given us the idea to visit Quezon more often and learn more about its beauty and incredibility. So, special thanks to all the people involved who made this trip possible. Thank you, again, for inviting Village Pipol Magazine. We will definitely come back!

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