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Ateneo Martial Law Museum pens letter to Toni Gonzaga inviting her to interview martial law victims

Ateneo Martial Law Museum pens letter to Toni Gonzaga inviting her to interview martial law victims

Open letter of Martial Law Museum to Toni Gonzaga

The Ateneo Martial Law Museum slammed actress-host Toni Gonzaga for her recent interview with former senator Bongbong Marcos.

The museum posted an open letter regarding the matter on their social media accounts last Wednesday, September 15.

Downplaying the atrocities

In the letter, they said Toni’s vlog contributed to the whitewashing of the atrocities committed under the presidential term of Bongbong’s late father, Ferdinand Marcos, Sr.

“Your show has contributed to the Marcos family’s attempts to whitewash their human rights violations and its proven historical record. Marcos is a lying clout chaser, desperate to change public opinion about historical facts as he has neither history nor truth to his side,”

Moreover, the museum described how Toni described the defeated 2016 vice presidential candidate as an “approachable figure.”

“Your show presented Bongbong Marcos as an amiable and approachable figure. This is also an outright attempt at whitewashing. Mr. Marcos is not and will never be ‘ordinary’ or ‘one’ with the people.’

Interviewing martial law victims

Apart from criticizing Toni’s online show, they also suggested she interview martial law victims and their surviving families.

“May we invite you to instead talk to the victims and surviving families of the Martial Law regime? The Ateneo Martial Law Museum stands ready to facilitate your encounter with the victims of Martial Law and with the truth,”

Additionally, the museum said,

“These are the stories that celebrities and influencers should strive to popularize and disseminate as they are exemplary models of how we can strive to create a better country for everyone,”

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Toni drew the ire of netizens for having Bongbong as a guest in her online show.

As of writing, she has yet to address the criticism around her vlog, which currently has over 1.7 million views.

Furthermore, the issue becomes more relevant today as the country is set to commemorate the 49th anniversary of martial law this September 21.

The military rule was a 14-year period of civil unrest marked with various human rights violations.

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