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A kakanin called ‘Kalamay Buna’ in Indang Cavite you must try

A kakanin called ‘Kalamay Buna’ in Indang Cavite you must try

Every place here in our country has its own delicious cuisine—food that originated from that one place. We will see different types and there are different ways of making them. Indeed, you will be definitely amazed… just like our kakanin!

Indang Cavite introduces a kakanin called Kalamay Buna or Kalamay Indang. It is a food that you really can’t miss once you get to the municipality. For more than a century, Indang continues to be proud of it, until today.

This kakanin can be described as a food that is sweet and chewy. Kalamay Indang contains ingredients such as glutinous rice, coconut milk, brown sugar, and ripe jackfruit pieces. You can see that it looks brown and round in shape.

Many tourists have also been persuaded to go to Indang Cavite because of the delicacy. Some who noticed this delicious Kalamay Indang was GMA network. It was featured on their show and aired on national TV.

Here’s the full video of IJuander which featured the production of Kalamay Indang

Video Credits: YouTube/GMA Public Affairs

They featured how to make and achieve the delicious kakanin. Through that, it became even more known to many. Over time, tourists continued to come to the town of Indang Cavite just to have a taste.

As an Indangeño, I am happy to be proud of my hometown because of this. Even though I have tasted it several times I still keep craving more.

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So, if I were you, I would start to try foods that actually originate in your hometown too and take pride in it!

Curious about the goodness of Kalamay Indang? Visit us here at Indang, Cavite! We will always be happy to have you here!

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