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Take a closer look at your dream motorcycle with these moto vloggers

Take a closer look at your dream motorcycle with these moto vloggers

Investing in your dream motorcycle is a big move and a leap to your finances. Whether you’re paying in installments or in full, the first step before signing a contract is to research the features of your dream bike. These moto vloggers will definitely help you take a closer look at your dream motorcycle and see if it’s worth everything you’ll pay for.

Join these moto-vloggers take a closer look at your dream motorcycle

Jao Moto

Joined YouTube on April 2017, Jao Moto started with videos featuring top motorcycles in the market based on their category. As his channel grow and gained more followers, his vlogs focused more in full reviews of motorcycle features—usually high displacement bikes—including sound check and the experience riding it the first time. If your dream motorcycle is a high displacement bike, you might want to visit his channel to get a good sight and knowledge about your future big bike.

Jao Moto also creates vlogs about small displacement motorcycles and tips on how to take good care of your dream motorcycle.

Ser Mel

This moto vlogger focuses on educational motorcycle vlogs like how after-market parts work and fit for your dream motorcycle’s maintenance. Ser Mel also creates bike hacks for new motorcycle owners and moto vlog tips for beginners.

It’s been eight months since Ser Mel’s latest moto vlog but he’s still working with other moto vloggers to create informative motorcycle videos. If you’re still eyeing your dream bike and want to be prepared for real-life potential motorcycle problems, browse his old YouTube videos to find the right answers to your questions.

Kenji Moto

Kenji Moto made his Youtube channel in 2015 to share his passion for riding. Collecting big bikes is his thing. He even opens opportunity for his viewers and followers to have a chance to own their dream motorcycle through raffle draw.

If you’re planning to upgrade the performance of your dream motorcycle, just scroll through his Build Series on his channel.


If you’re up for building engines and accessories for your dream motorcycle, this moto-vlogger is the best to check out first. MotoDeck shares his daily vlogs with his various collection of motorcycles, both small and high displacement bikes.

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MotoDeck’s videos boomed during the pandemic lockdown because of his old videos with travel content like long rides. His channel contains various vlogs focusing on group rides, track test, and even race bike projects.

Ned Adriano

Started vlogging in 2017, Ned Adriano creates product review vlogs and bike accessory recommendations. This moto vlogger focuses more on budget-friendly scooters with high demand in the market like Honda PCX160.

Ned will show every details you have to know about your dream motorcycle including specifications and market price. He even do vlogs with honest reviews regarding the pros and cons of the motorcycle you’re eyeing for.

Having your own motorcycle makes every errand more convenient and easy to accomplish. You don’t have to experience a hard commute just to get to your destination. What more if you get your DREAM motorcycle, right? Isn’t that a flex?!

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