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A 20-plus-year-old someone hitting by life’s rock bottom

A 20-plus-year-old someone hitting by life’s rock bottom

The past years have been very challenging years for almost all of us. It tested our patience, our faith, our courageousness, and even our will to live.  It scarred a lot of pains and memories both good and bad within us. In return, it left a lot of lessons for us to ponder as we grow out of rock bottom.

As a 20-plus-year-old someone hit by life’s rock bottom, I can attest to that.

Photo | Kristel Anne Sabater

Recounting all my experiences way back then, I find it so hard to believe that I am still here. A 20-plus-year-old someone barely breathing and still fighting for what life has to offer. I remember since the pandemic started, it changed almost all the common things we usually do on a day-to-day basis. Unfortunately, on my part, I had come to experience the lowest of the lowest point in my life.

Those were the days when I almost lost my patience and belief in myself that everything that’s been happening around me serves its purpose. I even lost track and can’t keep pace with things I want to do and even things I am great at. I struggled a lot, mostly in all aspects which justifies my sleepless night and cries just to contemplate and persuade myself. To encourage myself to see the brighter picture of every uncertain thing I see. 

The lesson is: Don’t be too harsh to yourself.

Well, thanks to my friends for being my go-to buddy whenever I want to get out and breathe. But, do you want to know what was the saddest truth? After going back home, nothing has changed. It was still the same, the cycle goes on day by day – not until I actually helped myself.

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Getting to experience those stuff, I have realized how prayer works, by all means — at all times. I tell you, nothing can go wrong through prayers. But, prayer won’t work alone. Of course, you have to be faithful to yourself and trust the process so that you can surpass all these challenges. I have learned to forgive myself that not everything I knew I can do can be realized. I realize how precious life is to just be wasted with impulsive decisions we make.

After all, what I learned the most was the reality that the universe won’t give us something we cannot go through. Life won’t give us something we cannot answer and solve by ourselves. As a 20-plus-year-old someone and just like you, we always have to believe in ourselves. 

Photo | Kristel Anne Sabater

I hit rock bottom, yet I dauntlessly fought and keep up — I did it, and for sure I know you also can! The world is rooting for you and your success — so am I. 

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