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5 Things You Need to Know When Taking Up BA Broadcasting

5 Things You Need to Know When Taking Up BA Broadcasting

Note: This article is based on the personal experiences of the author, therefore, information may vary from one case to another.

Scrolling on the internet, I found very few sources that discuss what the BA Broadcasting Program experience is all about. While reminiscing my enrollment days before college, I realized how naïve I would’ve been entering a program I barely knew. But luckily for me, I was fortunate to be guided by my generous seniors about the particulars of the program.

And for that, I am eternally grateful to them for helping me out. But, to save you some time, I’ve listed below five things to know when taking the BA Broadcasting program.

What is the BA Broadcasting Program all about?

Course.com defines the Bachelor of Arts in Broadcasting as a four-year college degree program that equips its students with the necessary skills they need in pursuing a career in the Media industry.

Though the field originally covered traditional media platforms like print, radio, and television, the field currently includes contemporary broadcasting practices that involve internet-based multimedia platforms.

Contrary to popular opinion, the BA Broadcasting program isn’t exclusively for aspiring reporters and journalists. Other media professions for BA Broadcasting graduates include radio DJs, voice talents, scriptwriters, audio/video editors, researchers, story writers, producers, directors, etc.

Now that we know the possible professions broadcasting graduates can get into, let us proceed to five things to know when taking the BA Broadcasting program starting with:

1. Rubbing Elbows with Famous Media Practitioners

Sitting in one meeting room with multi-awarded directors, famous TV reporters, voice talents, and executive producers? That’s a familiar classroom set up for us in several of our classes and many college activities and seminars. Seeking guidance from the industry’s well-established practitioners is one of the many perks of enrolling in BA Broadcasting. However, it is important to note that this is not always the case, and it might depend on the school as well.

2. Writing and Researching will never be the same

Broadcasting students are trained to disseminate factual and credible information, thus, the expectations of us are high. Producing content hits differently for us now compared to before as we now play an important role in responsible information dissemination. We must be extra cautious about what to put in our papers and make sure our content is original and factual. Therefore, if you plan on taking up the BA Broadcasting program, be sure to ready yourself in stepping up your research and writing.

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3. Taking All-Around Roles 

Taking up BA Broadcasting means learning to handle multiple and varied roles at the same time. If in one project you’re a scriptwriter, then in another, you’re probably an editor or a director. You can also be a voice actor, a cameraman, a DJ, or what have you. But no matter the role, one thing is certain, being a broadcasting student helps you accumulate experiences. Experiences that you will surely need when sent into the actual field.

4. Same Field Different Practices 

Ever thought you were doing great in essays and expected you’ll do good in all other writing activities? Well, think again, because this program will make you rethink your thoughts about this profession. If you thought scriptwriting, news article writing, news report writing, and magazine article writing are closely similar, then you thought wrong. Though all activities fall under the writing profession, each practice has different writing approaches that vary heavily from the other. The same goes for other broadcasting professions that there are in the industry.

5. Productions: To Infinity and Beyond

Various media productions make up the majority of our course requirements in the BA Broadcasting program. In my experience, projects vary from music video productions to campaign video productions, news productions, and the like. You might be surprised by the number of production projects you could do in one year. So gear up your creative skills in preparing yourself for the BA Broadcasting program.

Considering taking up BA Broadcasting as your college program? Knowing these few things about the program can help you in your decision!

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