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Alt Indie artists that will bless your ears

Alt Indie artists that will bless your ears

Florence Welch performing at the O2 Arena in London. Photographed by Lillie Eiger.

Alt Indie artists especially those bearing the title “independent,” have the liberty to create their music in their own ways. Because of this, their music becomes unique and rather personal, with every ounce of passion poured into each track. These artists play with different musical styles that they sometimes even combine, altogether creating their signature styles. Alt indie music borders the mainstream music scene with unconventional styles which makes it unique and distinctive.

For most of us, music is an outlet where we find peace and comfort. Essentially, it is like a friend who will always be there for us (like literally) as long as we got our phones with us, and much better if we have our earphones, too. Moreover, alt indie music is usually calming tunes that can bring us a state of serenity, which is why it must definitely make it into our playlist.

Here are alt indie artists that I guarantee will bless your ears.

  • Florence + the Machine

Florence + the Machine is a band fronted by the Queen of Peace herself, Florence Welch. Florence is the main vocal and primary songwriter for this alternative indie band. There’s only one word to describe her voice and that is heavenly. Her voice is extraordinarily haunting, calming, and very much unique. Also, their music is quite diverse, there being upbeat tracks along with ambient ones which make it perfect for setting any mood you may be having.

No Light, No Light by Florence + the Machine
  • Lord Huron

Lord Huron is an American indie rock band founded by actor Ben Schneider. They make ambient music and cinematic blues with themes of melancholy and ballads. The vocals are also soft and serene, it sounds like he’s singing you a lullaby. Definitely a great artist to listen to when you feel overwhelmed by life and you just need some comforting tunes.

The Night We Met by Lord Huron

Aurora Aksnes is a Norwegian musician whose voice is sent from heaven above. Her ethereal voice is peace in itself and definitely would make you feel calm. She makes alternative pop music you won’t hear anywhere else. Additionally, her musical style is unique, with influences from the contemporary music scene. AURORA’s music, especially her earlier albums, has folk styles mixed with pop. However, her recent albums are now more on the pop side but still preserve her own unique musical style.

Dance On The Moon by AURORA
  • Novo Amor

Novo Amor is a solo project by Welsh musician Ali John Meredith-Lacey. He makes comforting music that depicts deep emotions reflected in his personal experiences. Novo Amor will also make you weep and sleep with his serenading voice. Because of this, his music is able to connect to his listeners on a personal level, from the lyrics to the ambient voice and instrumentals.

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Anchor by Novo Amor
  • Winter Aid

Winter Aid is a musical project by Shane Culloty, an artist from Dublin. He makes beautiful, dreamy, and emotional songs that would definitely pull your heartstrings. With minimal instrumentals and a deeply emotional voice and lyricism, his music will make you reflect on your life, thinking about its beauty and tragedy. Which makes Winter Aid a playlist must-have, especially for sentimental people.

The Wisp Sings by Winter Aid
  • Sleeping at Last

Sleeping, at Last, is an American alt indie band formed in Wheaton, Illinois. Their music is hauntingly beautiful and mesmerizing. They also make covers of famous pop songs where they incorporate their gentle musical style. While their original music is known for its deeply touching atmosphere that makes the listeners feel melodramatic.

Saturn by Sleeping At Last
  • Message to Bears

Message to Bears is a musical alias for English musician Jerome Alexander. Because of his hushing voice and peaceful-sounding instrumentals, his music will soothe your soul and bless your ears. Dive deep into an ocean of emotions while listening to his songs that might even bring you to tears. His heartwarming and sentimental music is something you shouldn’t miss.

You Are a Memory by Message to Bears

Cozy up in this chilly December weather while savoring tunes that will definitely bless your ears. These alt indie artists deserve a spot on your Spotify Wrapped next year so don’t go missing out on these amazing and original tunes.

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