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5 Most Chaotic Episodes of NBC’s Community

5 Most Chaotic Episodes of NBC’s Community

NBC’s Community is a sitcom revolving around seven unlikely friends who became each other’s newfound family. Despite being patterned after famous sitcoms like Friends and How I Met Your Mother, Community creates various yet chaotic stories about Jeff (Joel McHale), Annie (Alison Brie), Britta (Gillian Jacobs), Troy (Donald Glover), Abed (Danny Pudi), Shirley (Yvette Nicole Brown), and Pierce (Chevy Chase) in Greendale Community College. The story begins with Jeff who, upon faking his college degree, needed to earn a real one. Community ran from 2009 to 2014 with six seasons and 110 episodes.

Modern Warfare – S01E23, Community

5 Most Chaotic Episodes 1

On the top of the list for the most chaotic episodes is Community’s Season 1, Episode 23: Modern Warfare. The episode begins normally with the group studying in the library. Later on, they were informed by Dean Pelton (Jim Rash) regarding a paintball game. Being the lazy man that he is, Jeff told the group that he won’t be participating in the game. He proceeds to nap in his car. Hours later, Jeff wakes up with the whole school thrashed. He meets Abed and Troy who explain how the paintball game got out of hand. The whole episode is pretty immersive as everyone in school got into the game. Everyone even created costumes and headdresses besides playing with paintball guns.

S02E08: Cooperative Calligraphy

In this episode of Community, Annie cracks. She is known in the study group as the most reliable one. However, Annie cracks because everyone kept borrowing her purple pens. Once finished with their studying session, she realizes that her pen is missing. Annie respectfully asks the rest of the group to return it but to no avail. The episode revolves around the group trying to find out who took Annie’s pen. The chaos ensues when nobody admitted to taking it. Inside the library, the group had to remove all their clothing and “jiggle” to see if the pen would fall off someone. In the end, they agree that a “ghost” stole it instead of thinking someone in the group was that disrespectful.

Conspiracy Theories and Interior Design – S02E09, Community

To get extra credits without putting in much effort, Jeff invented the class Conspiracy Theories. He even invented a fake professor named Professor Professorson. Season 2, Episode 9 begins with Dean Pelton discovering that Jeff faked a class. After learning about Jeff’s deception, Dean Pelton conspires with Annie to teach him a lesson. Alongside the school’s drama professor, Dean Pelton creates a very elaborate plan involving prop guns. The episode pops off with a series of twists after revealing that Jeff knew about Dean Pelton’s plan. Conspiring with Annie (also), Jeff decides to mess with the dean, teaching him not to mindlessly double-cross people.

5 Most Chaotic Episodes of NBC’s Community 2

S03E04: Remedial Chaos Theory

5 Most Chaotic Episodes 3

Seasons 3, Episode 4 is probably my favorite Community episode ever. The episode starts simply. The group visits Troy and Abed’s new apartment. Quickly, their issues overtake the housewarming party. Shirley wants to try baking but the group won’t allow her. Britta is smoking in the bathroom. Troy feels like Jeff doesn’t see him as an adult. Annie and Jeff’s feelings for each other start to resurface. Lastly, Pierce gifts Troy a Norwegian troll doll Troy was scared of. The chaos kicks off when Jeff rolls a die to decide who will fetch the pizza delivery guy. Upon rolling the die, Abed is convinced that Jeff created six timelines. The episode shows the six timelines, each time a different person fetching the pizza. One of the timelines ends with Pierce getting shot, Annie going insane, Shirley being an alcoholic, and the apartment burning down.

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5 Most Chaotic Episodes of NBC’s Community 4

Documentary Filmmaking: Redux – S03E08, Community

Community’s Season 3, Episode 8 presents Greendale’s TV commercial. Immediately, the audience could see that the commercial was old and outdated. Following the commercial comes Dean Pelton talking to the school board. The school board, then, asks the dean to direct a new TV commercial. Dean Pelton seeks the study group’s help. Abed films the behind-the-scenes of the production. Annie becomes the script supervisor while Jeff gets the role of the dean. The rest of the group work as extras. Ultimately, Dean Pelton loses sight of the purpose of the TV commercial. He begins to incorporate absurd themes like Dalmatian and baby costumes. At some point, the dean strips off his clothes in an attempt at rebirth. The episode ends with Abed saving the day. He compiles his clips and passes them onto the school board as the new TV commercial.

5 Most Chaotic Episodes 5

Overall, Community’s chaotic moments have garnered mixed emotions from its audience. Some find the show too immersive and over-the-top to be funny. Its fans, however, love the show for that very reason. Community’s absurd concepts that occur in a community college set it apart from other sitcoms.

While it follows the cliché formula of revolving around unlikely individuals becoming family, Community turned its absurdity into an advantage. Being absurd became its charm. Want to read more articles like this? Click here.

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