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Moombahton: An Embrace of Irresistible Tempo

Moombahton: An Embrace of Irresistible Tempo

With a throbbing electronic dance madness, Moombahton waves into one’s ears, anew, as a fusion of powerhouse genres: House music and Reggaeton. Incorporating a trick from Latin America and Afrobeat, this eargasmic sound will pluck your curiosity and that rusty hip grooves.

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Unique and interesting to first listen to, Moombahton will light the life of any party! This new experimental quirkiness became a miracle of a tune from American musician, Dave Nada’s astonishing whim. An innovative musical brainchild that interjects possibilities to future sub-genres listeners will get to indulge.

Moombahton: An Embrace of Irresistible Tempo

A Bounce of Infectious Beat

Relying on heavy bass lines and some rap tops for the entirety of its mix, nothing escapes from the alluring Moombah. There’s no turning back! Each kick and sway will be captured. Imagine a quicksand in a form of deep EDM tapping your rhythms without remorse. Topped off with slower 108bpm in the likes of plena, reggae fusion, and dancehall taste.

Truly, the 2009 out-of-the-blue creation of such sound allows more fortress to prominent ones. In addition, with Moombahton being a slower type variation in the take of fulfilling Dutch House music, it can be manipulated to more tonal changes. Resulting in a branch out to distinction not limited to electro music, but to the tempos accustomed to pop, hip hop, and ocean of house ones.

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Mix & match

The morphing doesn’t stop there, you think you are already caught up? Under this genre, we get two proudly venturing stems: Moombahcore, and Moombahsoul! Quite different from the mother sound, these both significantly provide sophistication to the very identification of the music. In this direction, Moombah is a whole surprise of a breed.

In a nutshell, if it is more techno-sounding, then it falls to Moombahcore. On the other hand, if it is jazzy and intricately softer in type, it is the latter. As derived to the tempo, the former exceeds 115bpm as it ranges to the borderline of deep house. Commonly, a gifted musician knows when it is still house music or if so it transcends to the other, by altering genres we can all perceive a web of which these elements boil down into.

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Artists and inventions

Some of the artists and musicians that utilize and pioneered the genre are in the names of Dave Nada, Diplo, Afrojack, Justin Bieber, Kill the Noise, Steve Aoki, BLACKPINK, Major Lazer, and more. Though not being the current wave of the dominant shift to music, Moombahton is a huge industry-forward deal. Some albums like the leading DJ, Afrojack, bagged recognition on his 2014 debut releases in the genre.

Going for a jump of newer and more appealing take to the music scene, the development of other genres and maybe sub-genres are still undergoing. With Moombahton as a triumphant victor on this avant-garde of a push to sound, what else could go wrong, right?

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Yup, you heard it here first: Moombahton is just getting started! With its sonic influence reaching more and more avenues of music, we can all be certain of nothing but rainbow bridges.

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