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Worth It Frenzy: Must Watch Episode from Buzzfeed’s Worth It

Worth It Frenzy: Must Watch Episode from Buzzfeed’s Worth It

Andrew, Steven, and Adam traveled around the world to find the cheapest and most expensive foods in their series Worth It. It featured different kinds of cuisine across the whole continent. However, do not watch this mouth-watering series late at night. You might find yourself eating late at night. With that, here are some of the must-watch episodes on Buzzfeed’s Worth It series. 

Worth It Sushi Episode

I have been craving Sushi all day. I just think it is the best food with the best preparation that comes into making it. Every time I would stop by a Japanese-themed restaurant, I would always look at their Sushi. The Worth It team flew all the way to Japan to witness the ultimate Sushi experience. 

Starting off with the cheapest one, the Worth It team went to a pre-made Sushi place. All Sushi is already prepared and is just waiting to be picked up by customers. The place is a new way of approaching a Sushi diner. 

The last two places were a new thing for me. Sushi is served and made freshly right before serving it to the customer. The Sushi chef will first introduce the guest to the whole course meal. Afterward, the chef will now make it one by one in a phase of the guest’s liking. It was such a mouth-watering experience to see the fresh ingredients combined together to form a magnificent Sushi. 

Korean BBQ

Who does not like Korean BBQ? In the Philippines, it has become a go-to hangout place for everybody. The Worth It team flew all the way to the heart of Korean BBQ, South Korea. The show showcased three different Korean BBQ spots that will surely be added to your bucket list. 

Each spot has a different kind of approach to its Korean BBQ. From the cheapest cut of beef to the most luxurious Wagyu Beef. Surely it will make anyone crave Korean BBQ right when they are watching this episode. If you will visit Korea, make sure to try any of these Korean BBQ spots because for sure it is “Worth It”

Pork Filipino-Style

Oh boy. Filipino cuisine was featured in the Worth It series. Let me tell you this, as a Filipino Citizen, seeing those dishes being featured makes my Filipino palette happy as ever. Also, seeing Filipino-themed restaurants in other countries ensures us that Filipino cuisine is continuously shining on the culinary map. 

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The first spot serves typical breakfast food in the Philippines. Eggs, rice, and different kinds of meat make a modern Filipino breakfast. The freshly made longganisa inspired in Pampanga with the staple garlic rice looks so good and worth its price. 

Afterward, the second spot offers the tanghalian dish. They serve the nationwide famous Ginataang Kalabasa. However, they grill up a giant pork belly slab to make it crispy. Applying different kinds of textures, this dish is truly a remarkable one. 

The last spot was just a perfect incarnation of a Filipino feast. They serve a whole Lechon accompanied by other Filipino dishes in a boodle feast. In that feast, it has Adobong Manok, Dinuguan, and whole fried fish. A full experience of Filipino dishes at their finest. 

There are unique and out-of-this-world cuisines out there. Some may have similarities to each other. However, every single cuisine will always have its unique identity about them. If you are curious about different types of food across the world, watch the Worth It series.
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