Filipino Words That Would Make a Great Baby Name

The Filipino language is both beautiful and complicated. And, it also offers a variety of options that highlight the beauty and richness of our history and culture. Using Filipino words as baby names is a gorgeous and one-of-a-kind strategy for preserving the Philippines’ rich culture.

Moreover, learning Tagalog (or any other Filipino language) serves not only as a means to reconnect with one’s heritage but also as a gateway to enhanced communication and comprehension within the country. Numerous Filipinos take immense pride in utilizing their native tongue, particularly those residing overseas who strive to preserve their cultural identity.

That’s why we have compiled some of the unique and meaningful Filipino words that would make a great baby name: 


Whether you are interested in astrology or astronomy… Bituin might appeal to you if you want a celebrity baby. It means “star.”


Pronounced as EYE-la, a unique name that translates to ‘island’ in Tagalog


Name your child after the lovely stars in the sky. This name evokes an endless sense of hope, excitement, and inspiration.


which signifies elegance, properness, mildness, and compassion. Your child will be as delicate and lovely as a flower.


If you and your partner enjoy the outdoors, you might consider naming your child Amihan. It refers to a weather pattern that sends high winds to the Philippines.


Sampaguita is the Tagalog name for “Jasmine,” the official flower of the Philippines. Either option could be ideal for your beautiful bloom of a baby girl.


We name our children after lovely things, so why not give your daughter the Filipino equivalent of “diamond,” “stone,” or “jewel”? It also expresses the idea that our child is precious, and we wish to protect her for the rest of our lives.


Is there anything cooler than naming your baby girl after a superhero? This Tagalog name is inspired by a fictional Filipino superhero.


a combination of the words “bless” and “Jessica,” and it means “to bring blessing upon.”


With a meaning like “dawn,” it’s no surprise that this lovely name is so popular.


Was your baby born amid a heavy downpour? A great way to reminisce the memories of giving birth is by calling him Ulan, which means “rain.”


Ideal for music-loving parents. Give her the gift of song by naming her after a beautiful hymn.


Another word for someone who enjoys music and singing. It simply means “tone” or “tune.”

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“Sinta” is a term of endearment that means “love.” It could be used to indicate romantic love or love for one’s country.


It conveys a sense of wishful thinking or empowers your child to make their wishes come true.


Whether you surf or enjoy the ocean, Alon means “waves” and is ideal in any instance. May your baby boy or girl be as brave as the sea.


Although Luntian is more commonly used as a Japanese name, it is also the Tagalog word for green. During the summer, it is usually associated with fresh garland.


Gentle, wise, and lovely. To name your child after a fairy is to bestow these attributes on her.


Maybe your upcoming chunk gives you heartburn. Perhaps his parents are firefighters. Whatever your motivation for selecting Alab, he will undoubtedly set the world “ablaze.”


If you’re looking for a simple but meaningful name for your baby boy, Dakila is a “wonderful” option.

These melodious names will bring a spark to your child’s personality. So make sure to give them a name that fits their personality. If you’ve been looking for some suitable names for your child, this list may be of help. Finally, be sure that the name you choose is graceful and impressive.

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