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Why Watch Hospital Playlist?

Why Watch Hospital Playlist?

Why Watch Hospital Playlist

Written and directed by the duo that brought us the Reply series and Prison Playbook, Hospital Playlist brings us healing and love in the time of the pandemic. The pandemic halted our lives on a massive scale. In these trying times, we all long for quality time with our friends and feel the warmth their mere presence brings us. Here are 6 reasons why you should watch Hospital Playlist

Hospital Playlist houses unusual lead characters.

Hospital Playlist narrates life through the lenses of 5 doctors who have been best friends since med school. Each of them is different yet they complement each other perfectly. Known as the Lacking Five, the main characters are Lee Ik Jun, Kim Jun Wan, Ahn Jeong Won, Yang Seok Hyeong, and Chae Song Hwa. The five of them have known each other for 20 years, bonding over the fact that life begins at 40. 

Besides the main leads, the drama focuses on the patients’ stories.

This drama features different medical cases that crawl their way into the viewer’s hearts. These doctors cater to various patients from different departments, each more heart-warming than the next. The viewers see life through the happy tears of an expectant mother; the sound of a person’s heartbeat; the smile of someone finally free from a tumor; the appetite of a person’s healed stomach; and the kids’ laughter upon learning they could play again. Each patient has a powerful story behind their hospitalization. 

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Hospital Playlist highlights the importance of family.

Hospital Playlist also recognizes how each family is imperfect. Even though families may not bond often, the underlying connection remains. Family love remains in the little things like the flowers your mother places on your desk or the short phone calls with your parents to check up on you. This drama shows the viewers that these doctors are not just professionals, they are also someone’s beloved son and daughter. Patients might view them as superheroes with stethoscopes but they are also a brother, a parent, and a friend.

The drama sports a realistic storyline.

Despite being considered adults, the main leads still face dilemmas that make them ponder their life decisions. This drama mirrors the struggles of an adult involving love, friendship, family, and career. The characters may evolve inside the hospital but their problems are linked to their past and future. They are no longer in their 20s when life just seems so easy. As 40-year-olds, their outlook on life begins to change as time swiftly passes by. In this show, adulthood has never been depicted as more real.

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Hospital Playlist has a heart-fluttering romance.

The five doctors also had their fair share of relationships, both successful and failed ones. They might be knowledgeable in the field of medicine but they are in need of relationship advice. Their struggles in love are narrated in such detail that the chemistry bounces off the screen. For them, love isn’t to be taken lightly, revealing their maturity. Love takes on full throttle as it changes these people and develops their personalities. Unlike the Reply series, Hospital Playlist doesn’t revolve around finding the heroine’s husband. It presents the reality of finding love and accepting it.

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The main leads are superb, given that the drama involves a band.

The whole cast is largely composed of musical actors, such as veteran musical actress Jeon Mi Do. The ensemble also includes actors with experience in musical dramas and theatre work like Jo Jung Suk, Yoo Yeon Seok, Kim Dae Myung, and Jung Kyung Ho. Each actor learned their band instrument from scratch, months before the actual taping started. Besides that, they mastered playing the drums, the first and second guitars, the bass guitar, and the keyboard. They lovingly call themselves Mido and Parasol.

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