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As the Night Falls: Pinoy Superstitions about the Dark

As the Night Falls: Pinoy Superstitions about the Dark

Filipino superstitions involve all walks of life. Whether you are a child spending way too much time outside or an adult greeting a new home, there is undoubtedly a Pinoy superstition meant for your situation. With that, and to welcome the spooky season, let us dive into some Pinoy superstitions about the time when ghosts and scary entities roam freely – the night.

Pinoy Superstitions about the Night

Superstition #1: Say “tao po” when knocking

For other cultures, someone knocking should already imply that it is a person, well, not for Filipinos, apparently. In Filipino culture, as you are knocking on someone’s door, you should also announce that you are a person by repeatedly saying “tao po,” which directly translates to “I am a human.” This is because ghosts and entities supposedly can mimic human figures and actions. But, they could not announce that they are human, for they are not.

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Superstition #2: Avoid cutting your nails at night

Deciding not to cut your nails at night seems wise if you do not want to accidentally harm yourself. But, besides its practical implications, avoiding cutting your nails at night can also save you from spooky troubles. It is believed that if you trim your nails at night, you may accidentally invite ghosts into your place and give them the chance to possibly possess you.

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Superstition #3: Do not whistle (or sing) at night

Another instant no-no at night is whistling or singing. Not only do you not want to annoy your sleeping neighbors with the singing, but you also do not want some paranormal activities to happen. Whistling or singing at night is believed to attract wandering spirits, which may decide to follow your voice and, ultimately, your home.

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Superstition #4: Save the sweeping in the morning

Sweeping at night can also annoy your neighbors, especially if you are to use a broomstick. But unlike whistling or singing at night, this superstition does not involve some paranormal entities. It is believed that sweeping at night can “sweep” the family and household’s luck and good fortune away.

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Superstition #5: Do not point at the moon (or literally anything) at night

The act of pointing is considered rude in various cultures, and this extends even to spooky entities who seem to not be fond of it. It is believed that randomly pointing at spaces, especially at night, may lead to unusual and unexplained sickness, “manuno” in Filipino. Similarly, pointing at the moon may cause your hands or fingers to get cut off… scary, right?

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Superstition #6: Do not lay in bed with your head facing a door or a mirror

Even sleeping at night is laced with many superstitions. First is that your bed should not face the door. This is because it reflects the traditional way of removing the dead feet first in the bedroom. Another superstition is that you should not lay in bed facing a mirror. Mirrors are believed to be portals of paranormal entities. And if your unconscious sleeping body is facing such a portal, you can easily be reached out or possessed by said entities.

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Well, those are a lot of don’ts for the night. So, this coming spook season, aside from getting scared of breaking these superstitions, we should also be wary of forgetting who we are. For these superstitions are not just a reflection of what we fear but also of who we are as Filipinos.

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