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Travel and Discover: Minda-NOW

Travel and Discover: Minda-NOW

Mindanao is known as the second-largest island in the Philippines and a “land of promise” due to its natural resources and tourist destinations.

However, it is a question of how far you can push the paddle with the ongoing situation in the community. The island has an endless list of DIY projects, quarantine activities, and recreational affairs. However, what is more beyond the four corners of this place? The answer is out there: travel and discover.

Let us take a look at these amazing places you can visit, allowing your mind and feet to wander around the beauty of Mindanao.


Siargao is a teardrop-shaped island located southeast of Tacloban.

It is known as the surfing capital of the Philippines. Yet, other than surfing, it is also open to other activities such as rock climbing and cave explorations.

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Since it’s a culture in Siargao to share delicious meals with other people, the place became an opportunity for locals to put up restaurants for tourists to dine in.

Delicious food after a long day is, indeed, a refreshing way to keep you going for your activities the next day. Don’t forget to choose good accommodation to wrap your day!


Glan is located on the west of Sarangani Bay, on the north of Davao Occidental. The place is known as the “Coco Queen of the South.”

This place can offer you numerous activities, including a picnic at the beach, resort hopping or beach hopping, banana boat riding, and many more. If you are fond of a romantic setup, the sunset view is something you should not miss before ending your day.

Travel and Discover: Minda-NOW. Coconut, picnic at the beach and ocean.


The B’naan Waterfalls in Brgy. Karin Buldon, Maguindanao is one of the tourist destinations in Mindanao that you should not miss visiting.

One of the many majestic falls in Mindanao, along with Maria Christina, Tinago Falls, among others, keep your eyes on the ground as you have to travel for more or less 6 hours from the main road to reach the waterfalls, the longest one in Mindanao.

Travel and Discover: Minda-NOW. Falls, rocks and flowers


One of the best tourist destinations in Zamboanga Del Norte is the Dakak Beach and Park Resort.

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Known for its strikingly shaped bay and powdery white sand, the perfect blue water and a great number of coral reefs will truly capture your heart. This place will offer you the best and relaxing experience during this pandemic. Travel and discover Mindanao with Dakak!

Travel and Discover: Minda-NOW. Ocean, hotels, fireworks


Last on the list for our Travel and Discover: Minda-NOW is the Cuartel De Campo Diez of Alamada, Cotabato. Cuartel is located on top of the mountains in Alamada, allowing you to see the view of Mindanao’s rolling regions.

Ensure to put your sweaters on as you may experience the coldness offered by Cuartel De Campo Diez.

Flee the hustle of city life and enjoy the place with a good cup of freshly brewed coffee in the morning. It is your best partner while looking at the solemn view and feels of the place.

Travel and Discover: Minda-NOW. Mountains, Terrains, flowers.

Discover and Travel: Minda-NOW will give you a glimpse of Mindanao’s beauty, plan your trip accordingly and start wandering.

Which place in Mindanao will you visit first?

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