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Top 3 Reasons to Stan Zild Benitez

Top 3 Reasons to Stan Zild Benitez

Everyone who loves the OPM scene knows who Zild Benitez is. From the band who made Mundo rise to fame, Zild Benitez was the bassist of IV of Spades. Now, he’s currently doing solo and creating music of his own! Here are the top 3 reasons why we all love him: 

Top 3: Zild’s Relationship with Shanne Dandan

Zild is not Zild without Shanne. Their love story is to die for! Oh, to be in a church and be whispered “courtship day 1” by the one-and-only Zild Benitez is definitely a goals moment! 

The couple recently celebrated their 7th anniversary with a bang. Zild Benitez dedicated his first single, Isang Angel, on his upcoming album for Shanne just in time for their anniversary. Isa ka nga talagang Anghel, Shanne. 

Top 2: Zild’s Fashion Sense

Zild Benitez will never be afraid of any stereotypes. From his iconic fishnet stockings to his baggy skirts and multiple rings, Zild will always be the trendsetter that he truly is. 

All are in awe of his attention to detail and his ability to turn anything he wears Instagram-worthy! Let’s also take note of Zild’s boldness to wear makeup, paint his nails, and wear clothes stereotypically for women. 

We all love an androgynous fashion icon!

Top 1: Zild’s Music

Zild’s music will always be our top 1. From Eat Bulaga’s Music Heroes to his stint with IV of Spades, up to now as a solo artist, we have seen how much his music has grown. 

Basically, Zild Benitez can be anything but, obviously, he’ll always be a musician by heart. 

Just as we can see his musical growth, consequently, we can also see how well he expresses himself through music as his art form. 

Iba ang ‘yong ngiti

‘Di matatagpuan kahit saan

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Wala rito sa mundo

At wala rin sa buwan”

Lyrics from the song ‘Ibang Planeta’ on the Himig Handog 11th Edition album

These lines came from his song ‘Ibang Planeta’ and it feels truly out of this world! This song gives us major kilig vibes and Zild’s voice is really captivating that it envelops our souls into the lyrics. 

Pang-ibang planeta ang talento mo, Zild! 

What about you? What do you love about Zild? Share it with us!

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