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Drag Race Philippines: Hail the New Queens

Drag Race Philippines: Hail the New Queens

As the Philippine adaptation of RuPaul’s Drag Race, Drag Race Philippines has made its first two episodes out for streaming, it is no wonder why we’re all feeling the heat in this rainy season! Here are the queens that took the challenge to be the first-ever Drag Race Philippines winner.

Are you ready to know them? Let’s go!

1. Marina Summers

Photo Courtesy to: Yan Guinto Alabado

Marina Summers is her name and hotness is her game!

We are all here for the oozing hot and fierce Marina Summers. Will she quench our thirst in this heat? Let’s all be ready for more!

2. Corazon

Photo Courtesy to: Lenard Timothy Medrano

Ding, ang bato!

Corazon is ready to bag the crown but, unfortunately, Valentina got in her way. Too bad to see you sashay away, Corazon!

3. Turing

Photo Courtesy to: Turing

A queen who’s thicc? and juicy? Wish no more because Turing is definitely out to eat everyone in the competition!

With her poise and grace, there’s no doubt that she’ll mark a spot. Echa pa lante, Turing!

4. Lady Morgana

Photo Courtesy to: LadyMorgana Perez

As a Davaoeña Queen, will she have a safe place in victory?

Lady Morgana is a legend and we’re all waiting to see her shine in the coming episodes!

5. Brigiding

Photo Courtesy to: Brigiding Aricheta

Brigiding, Brigiding, Brigiding

She has been featured on different events and pride parades all throughout the world but will her face be featured as the first-ever queen of Drag Race Philippines?

We will have to tune in!

6. Gigi Era

Photo courtesy to: Gigi Era

A diva from down under?

That’s definitely the Gigi Era that we know!

Hailing also from Davao, will there be a conflict between two queens over safety? We’ll never know if we don’t stream Drag Race Philippines.

7. Eva Le Queen

Photo Courtesty to: Eva Le Queen

Eva Le Queen is a queen of her own.

Channeling her inner Katy Perry realness with her own version of the one that got away, Eva Le Queen is someone definitely to look out for!

8. Minty Fresh

Fresh from the bath and we can all agree that Minty Fresh is the fresh-est of them all!

That cooking was extra smooth for this one’s photoshoot, but will it always be that well-cooked? Let’s see!

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9. Xilhouete

All rise because The queen is here!

She is no Elektra Evangelista but you’ll always wish she’s the drag mother you’ve never had!

10. Prince

Well, well, well

There’s a Prince in the building but he’s not here to kiss a damn princess!

Too bad he fell off his horse too soon but we can’t wait to see more of Prince even outside Drag Race Philippines.

11. Precious Paula Nicole

Photo Courtesy to: Precious Paula Nicole

How precious is the title of being the first queen of Drag Race Philippines for Precious Paula Nicole?

Let’s sit back, relax, and enjoy her sissy that walks to the finish!

12. Viñas DeLuxe

Photo Courtesy to: Viñas DeLuxe

What a luxurious way to the sauna, girl!

Will we have a battle between freshness or will this actually spill a brewing tea? We are all excited to find out!

Yes, all the queens are the best but who’s your pick? Share it with us!

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