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Thoughts about love and relationship from the drama Yumi’s Cells

Thoughts about love and relationship from the drama Yumi’s Cells

Have you watched Yumi’s Cells? If not, you are missing a lot. Yumi’s Cells is a Korean drama and was based on a webtoon. The psychological romance drama tells the story of Yumi and the cells inside her mind. Kim Go Eun portrays Yumi. She has two leading men, one for each season.

The first season revolved around Yumi and Woong’s relationship. Meanwhile, the second season revolved around the relationship between Yumi and Babi as well as her journey as a writer. This drama gave different ideas and thoughts about love and relationship to the viewers. It became a relatable experience through the lens of Yumi’s Cells.

Thoughts about love from the relationship of Yumi and Woong

Yumi's cells official poster for season one.
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Is it right to make your partner your top priority?

In season one, this was one of the questions raised in the drama. Spoiler Alert! If you have not watched it yet, there was a scene in the drama where Yumi’s cells have listed her priorities. On Yumi’s priority list, it was Woong, her boyfriend who was number one. Yumi’s prime cell is the Love cell. This means that whenever Yumi is in love, she put that person on top.

However, Woong’s prime cell is the Pride cell. And, on his priority list, it was himself who was number one; Yumi was just on number two. This fact bothered and amused Yumi’s cells all at the same time. Because Yumi never prioritized herself whenever she is in a relationship.

In my perspective, it is not wrong to make the person you love your top priority, but never forget to have space for yourself on your priority list.

Pride will always break your relationship with a person.

One thing I have realized after watching season one of Yumi’s cells is Woong’s pride was the main cause of why they broke up. Because of pride, Woong found it hard to communicate his feelings to Yumi. He could not express what he truly wanted to say because of his pride.

This is one of the main reasons why people cannot maintain a longer relationship. Because of their pride, they just let people slip away even deep inside, they want to hold on.

When Woong finally realized that Yumi made it to be his top priority, it was too late because their relationship was falling apart. And when Woong’s cells decided to get rid of his Pride cell as the prime cell, Yumi was already in another relationship. It was way too late.

Thoughts about love from the relationship of Yumi and Babi

Yumi's cells season 2 official poster.
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Is love always enough? No, it isn’t.

Their love story was quite lovely and almost perfect. Babi seems to be the perfect and ideal boyfriend everyone could wish for.

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Spoiler Alert for Season 2!

What is funny about their relationship is the fact that Yumi’s love cell was the last one who liked Babi. It was her other cells that “protested” to accept Babi’s confession, and for Love cell to accept him as Yumi’s new boyfriend. However, it was also Love cell who fought until the end. She tried to understand Babi so much to the point that she was willing to break her principles in dating.

But, Love is never enough. All the other cells cannot accept Babi’s breaking Yumi’s principles and rules in dating. Even Yumi, herself, believes that everything has changed. She could not trust Babi again, and their relationship will never be the same. So, she ended it, even though her Love cell is so willing to fight.

Because Love is never enough to make your relationship longer and stronger. It also takes trust, honesty, loyalty, and a lot more. If you insisted to continue your relationship because you love them so much, you would just end up hurting each other so much more.

Yumi’s Cells is so entertaining yet so relatable on so many levels. Season two is still ongoing, and you can catch it in iQiyi every Friday.

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