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This local brand found the ‘hidden gems’ you never knew your skin needed

This local brand found the ‘hidden gems’ you never knew your skin needed

In a tropical country, we need something to nourish our skin without the greasy feeling after getting laid under the scorching heat of the sun. With our exposure to dry weather conditions, our best companions would be moisturizers and other bath essentials such as soaps, lotion, and oil.

But it shouldn’t just treat our skin look better, but should also make us feel better. Something that NÜA Organics come in stored for us! Meet Cupuaçu Face & Body Soap and Cupuaçu Body Oil and let NÜA unveil “a new you.”

Tropical ingredients infused into one

NÜA Organic products are infused with ingredients that are used both in cooking and beauty treatment. First of them is the Brazilian Cupuaçu, pronounced as ‘koo-poo-ah-zoo,’ which is outsourced from the heart of the Amazon rainforest.

This fruit is said to have rich moisturizing and hydrating properties because it’s rich in vitamins, fatty, and amino acids. Its antioxidant content also helps protect skin from detrimental compounds such as ultraviolet (UV) radiation.

NÜA Organics Cupuaçu Face & Body Soap 125g | Photo by Sheldeen Talavera

Other than that, what’s best about NUA Organics is that is it a local brand that also supports local people. Aiming to help Filipino farmers and families, they developed their products with Philippine-produced virgin coconut oil. Our country is known to have an efficient coconut industry so imagine how many local farmers could benefit from this.

We, Filipinos, are no stranger to its nutrition and health benefits. Besides, studies show that coconut oil contains anti-inflammatory properties and helps reduce the dryness of the skin. However, our country is still working on the other potentials of this locally available crop.

NÜA Organics Cupuaçu Body Oil 350ml | Photo by Sheldeen Talavera

With that, the synergy these two ingredients create effectively hydrates and smoothen the skin. Making it feel supple and healthy-looking while pampering.

How do they feel to my skin?

One of my insecurities is my dry skin, especially in my lower legs. In a week of using the NÜA soap bar and body oil, the visible dryness gradually nourishes. As I rinse off the lather from the soap, my skin instantly felt soft and smooth, revealing its fast-absorbing quality.

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On the other hand, this is my introduction to body oils. As it is my first time using it, it feels kinda heavy and it lingers to me for quite some time which differs from what I expected. On a positive note, this soothes my skin similar to lotions, and I haven’t experienced any allergic reactions since then.

I definitely love how they both smell—sweet and buttery scent. They give off a relaxing feeling and spa-like mood.

Want to try the experience? These NUA products are available in the following physical retailers—branches of S&R, BeautyMNL, and Southstar Drug stores nationwide. You can also shop online through Lazada. To know more about NUA Organics and its products, visit their social media accounts, @nuaorganicsph, or their website at

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