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Things My Family Does to Keep Our Pets From Holiday Stress

Things My Family Does to Keep Our Pets From Holiday Stress

Now that the Holiday season has begun, I could imagine everyone freeing up time in their busy schedule. There will be plenty of events such as parties with peers and family. You will be dealing with people until the end of it. Holidays can be totally stressful, isn’t it?

But aside from preparing yourself for the holiday stress, make sure to give your pets a comfortable holiday experience.

Here are the things our family does to prevent our dogs and cat from having Holiday stress.


1. Spend occasions with the family alone

My dogs hate meeting new faces and they will bark nonstop until they feel secure around strangers. Some people say that exposing them to other people is helpful, however, our pets feel uncomfortable with others. To avoid this kind of scenario, my family makes sure to spend significant occasions with them. We do it so that everyone in the family, which includes our pets, enjoys the most out of it.

2. Create a pet-friendly space.

If we can’t help but invite guests during Holiday, we bring our pets into a room so they may play and relax. My sister and I take turns in visiting them in the room. One assists the visitors while the other one stays inside the room where our pets are. That way, they will not feel left behind. Make sure to provide enough water and food for them, we don’t want them to starve while waiting.

3. Make an Anti-anxiety wrap

I joined in a Facebook group for dog owners, and as December draws near, individuals share about this anti-anxiety wrap.

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It is a vest-like garment made to calm our pets by applying gentle pressure to their bodies. You may purchase online, but you can also make your own by using old long clothe as instructed above.

4. Play relaxing music

Every year, we celebrate the start of a new year with fireworks and firecrackers, which can stress our pets. Playing relaxing music or any songs that could divert their attention from the noises outside can help them keep calm. As for my family, we stay inside with them while playing pet-friendly songs we found online. We do that to assure them of their safety during holidays.

I agree when people say holidays should be spent with your family. Well, that is exactly why we spend it with our pets. Do not forget that dogs are not merely something we give or get. They are an eternal commitment and a part of our family. Make the most out of this holiday season with your family and pets! Do you have any other things you do with your family for your pets? Share them with us!

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