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The Value of Life in Comedic Fantasy ‘Puss in Boots: The Last Wish’

The Value of Life in Comedic Fantasy ‘Puss in Boots: The Last Wish’

It is a well-known proverb that cats have “nine lives” apparently due to their undying survival skills. This includes the DreamWorks animation Puss in Boots, who is skillful at his chaotic adventures. Its sequel, The Last Wish, was finally brought to the big screen after a long wait of 11 years.

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The fast-paced comedy for young audiences made me realize that there is more than laughter and entertainment to it. The Last Wish talks about life, and we are talking about a whiskered feline’s life here. Despite that, as a human being, I could definitely relate to the protagonist.

WARNING: Spoilers ahead! Here are the life lessons that made me realize after watching the animated film Puss in Boots: The Last Wish.

Death is in time’s hands

The movie starts off with a cheerful celebration in a pub with the villagers and the almighty cocky Puss himself. Everyone thinks nothing could go wrong until it actually does. The next thing you know, the sword cat loses another life, actually his last; instantly flashing The Big Bad Wolf.

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Due to his distraught about facing death, Puss continues to escape from the wolf no matter how far he runs. Realization hits that if the clock strikes your goodbyes, it really is going to follow you to the end. I do not want to spoil much, but I am glad Puss has bravely faced his fate.

Friendship does not discriminate

Introducing a new character named Perrito, a chihuahua goofball pretending to be a kitty inside Mama Luna’s cat retirement home. Throughout the movie, Perrito is determined to crawl his way up to Puss and Kitty’s hearts, which he does eventually. I really admire Perrito’s neverending optimism as they embark on a deadly quest to the Wishing Star. Seeing two cats and one dog form a newfound family gang proves that true friendship does not discriminate.

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Regrets sink in at the end

Recalling its first movie several years ago, Puss and his love interest, Kitty were madly in love with each other. So seeing a frowning expression, especially Kitty, in the sequel with a bitter past, shook me to the core. To further the development, Puss feels remorse towards his old narcissistic self, who chooses himself instead of his true love. I badly feel the regrets surrounding him in the present time, which also applies to the reality of a person. There are moments that we deeply regret, yet it only sinks in once we have finally reached our endpoint.

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Family by bond, not blood

This is a very relatable quote for me! Ever since I was a child, I never understood how you are supposed to automatically consider someone a family member. Especially when they haven’t made you feel an ounce of familiarity among them. Just because of what… you share the same blood? 

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Goldlilocks and the Three Bears shows an overwhelming love that you can find among one another, despite your differences. For as long as you form that special bond, then you can always count on someone else as a family. And I think that’s the wonderful, genuine meaning of it.

Greed will eat you up

Little Jack Horner grew up to be Big Jack Horner but made it ten times as evil. He has a rough childhood, I could see that; but, it does not excuse his mistakes as an adult. It was a bummer, I was actually rooting for Jack to reach his character development arc in the climax part. 

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However, we met a persistent Jack who wanted to be the most powerful villain and take over the world. After too much eating, Jack was ultimately eaten by his own greed; until, he couldn’t control himself anymore. Hmmm… I remember so many people similar to him!

How the flow eventually went

In fairness, it was a nerve-wracking experience to watch this film. I reached the point of peeping through a small hole in my hands whenever the whistling wolf was coming by. Those dark, bloody eyes were, indeed, scary, I am not gonna lie.

I could perceive the trembling of the snapping obstacles, the breathtaking suspense, plus the tear-jerking scenarios of the characters. I had to hold my breath for so long, until they reached the happily ever after ending in every animation. Puss in Boots: The Last Wish flaunts the adventurous vibrance of finding hidden messages.

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The value of life

Understanding the meaning of life sounds simple, yet so complicated. Never did I think that I could pick up valuable lessons upon watching this family movie. There is a deeper story behind Puss’ fluffy whiskers and googly eyes, after all.

What would you do if you were in the boots of Puss? Would you want to risk everything to retrieve your nine lives back?

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