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The Reaction to Lighting Fireworks

The Reaction to Lighting Fireworks

After we celebrate Christmas, we await the past year to end, and the next year to start. We welcome the new year with a bang. As a tradition, we light fireworks to celebrate the past year and to embrace the things that are in store for the next year in our lives.

An Explosion of Colors

As the fireworks bring light to the night sky, it is amazing to see different colors soar. Here’s why:

If we are about to describe a firework, it is a festive thing that when lit, goes up to the sky as it emits light and sound. This spectacular light show displays different colors. These colors are from a combination of different mineral elements.


Strontium produces red colored-fireworks. This mineral produces oil and gas. It is also used in magnets and glow-in-the-dark paint.


Blue colored-fireworks are produced by Copper. Copper is producing wiring and motors.


In making fireworks yellow, Sodium is used. Sodium salts are more common. But metallic Sodium produces nuclear reactors.


In order to see green-colored fireworks, Barium Chloride is used. It is also used to make paint, bricks, glass, tiles, and rubber.

These elements are also mixed with each other to produce other colors. 


To create an orange colored-firework, Strontium mixes with Sodium. Some Calcium compounds also produce orange colors.


Mixing Strontium with Copper produces purple colored-fireworks.

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Mixing Titanium, Zirconium, and Magnesium creates white and gray colored fireworks.

Out with a Bang


Of course, gunpowder is the cause of these explosions. Its components are Potassium Nitrate, Sulfur, and charcoal. The sulfur in it gives the distinct smell of fireworks.

Flashes and Sparks.

Aluminum creates bright flashes. Iron fillings are the source of the sparks.

So the next time you see a fireworks display, give yourself a chance to thank science for its mesmerizing colors. Also, take care while viewing the fireworks display.

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