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The Literature of League of Legends

The Literature of League of Legends

League of Legends, more than being a game, offers quite compelling story-telling for its main canon. We’ve already seen a glimpse in Arcane, an Emmy-award-winning animated show that took the world by storm. Piltover and Zaun are just a fraction of the world League of Legends have created.

Check out some of League of Legends’ best pieces of literature down below:

Where Icathia Once Stood – Graham McNeill

Where Icathia Once Stood provides the gateway for Fantasy lovers in the League of Legends Universe. The story follows the accounts of Axamuk, a foot soldier stationed at the heart of a brewing war. The war was a result of Icathia’s struggle for freedom against their oppressor, and to what lengths it took to fight the Sun warriors.

The short story reveals what happened to the now-desolated city of Icathia, involving a familiar character in the game. Where Icathia Once Stood is written by tenured novelist Graham McNeil, who’s famous for his works in the Warhammer 40K franchise. If you’re a fan of Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones, this story might be for you.

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In Battle, Broken – L.J Goulding

The story features the manliest champion in League of Legends, Pantheon, in a narrative angle you wouldn’t expect. In Battle, Broken takes after the events of Ruination, a cataclysmic event in Runeterra led by the undead king Viego and a spawn of champions he corrupted -including Atreus, the Pantheon. After being sourly beaten in battle, the Aspect of War limps its way back to a mortal old friend, Iula.

Recovering from his wounds, we see an emotionally distressed Atreus, weary from perpetually fighting gods and demons alike. In Battle, Broken displays the value of the indomitable human spirit, and how a man’s downfall and mortal perseverance create a colorful and inspirational character. It is beautifully written, with arresting dialogues and puzzling moral dilemmas that are sure to be worth your time.

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Lux – John O’Bryan

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The comic series Lux is a crossover between Marvel and League of Legends, written by John O’Bryan. It follows Lux Crownguard, a young nobility from the region of Demacia. Demacia fears magic and sorcery, and it can be seen ingrained in their city of magic-absorbing stone. Out of irrational fear, Mageseekers persecute mages solely for being born with magic and imprison them in inhuman conditions.

Unbeknownst to them, Lux possesses light magic and an idle curiosity about the dark secrets of her home. The story took a turn for the worse when Sylas, a mage with a thirst for vengeance, escapes his cell. The Lux comic deeps dive into the customs and nature of Demacia, who was once dressed as the region of discipline and heroism, with complex undertones of morality and security. If you don’t enjoy reading without illustrations, then this comic can satisfy your desire.

These stories made League of Legends more than just a game, but a breathing and exciting world to discover. Runeterra’s variety creates a safe haven for fantasy enjoyers who have little time to read. With its bite-sized lengths and immersive writing style, League of Legends lore is a library waiting for readers like you. Want to read more stories like this? Click here!

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