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“SWSWSW”: A Fur Mom’s Journey With Cats

“SWSWSW”: A Fur Mom’s Journey With Cats

Having cats as a furry company means having friendship, attachment, relationship, disagreement, and rivalry. Having them as one of your companions means you must deal with the different behaviors they would exhibit.

Cats have it all, an endless sleep, admiration, love, and friendship only at one specific time when they want it. People and cats manifest the same moods.

Cats: human beings with paws, furs, and claws

Different moods include being:

  • scared
  • happy
  • contented
  • insecure
  • anxious
  • annoyed
  • aggressive
  • hungry
  • needy
  • affectionate

Human beings with paws, furs, and claws.

James Heriot said,

“I have felt cats rubbing their faces against mine and touching my cheek with claws carefully sheathed. These things, to me, are expressions of love.”

Angels with Whiskers

In reality, people and cats are alike. Not only in the form of having essential elements of anatomy, including eyes, mouths, ears, noses, bones, etc. But with the way we enjoy healthy affection and companionship—cats benefit from social interaction just as we do.

Truly, cats do not have the same senses to think and feel as humans. However, they have real emotions that motivate human behavior as a sign of liking and appreciation.

Cats rule the world; they are pure creatures, practical. They know how to obtain their food without labor, shelter without confinement, and love without conditions.

They also run away and hide when they are frightened. Have a soft and calm body language when they are pretty contented. Scratch, chase their tails, and cannot stay still when they are anxious. Loud when they are annoyed. Growls, lunges, and swats as signs of aggression. Vocally repeated, high-pitched, and short meows when needy. Lastly, very cuddly when they’re in an affectionate mood. All we have to do is to understand them as much as they do.

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On the other hand, having different cats is not that easy, they exhibit different behaviors all at once.

Being a fur parent, you see them as a combination of both catastrophe and godsend—indeed, cats are angels with whiskers.

Ever since I discovered cats, I realize that saying I love you cannot only be translated into different languages. “Te Amo”, “Je t’aime”, “Saranghaeyo”, “Aishiteru”, “Wǒ ài nǐ”, or “Ich liebe dich”.

Most of the time, I love you’s can be said as “SWSWSWSW!”

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