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Spoilers And How I Avoid Them

Spoilers And How I Avoid Them

Life can get so busy that we have no time to enjoy other things such as watching movies or TV series. The feeling of not being updated to the shows you love is a downer. You will see other people enjoying the latest episodes, talking about them, and sharing them on social media. What’s worse is you will probably see some parts of it that might kill your excitement, in short, a spoiler. According to the Oxford dictionary, spoilers is a description of important plot development in a television show, movie, or book that if previously known may reduce surprise or suspense for a first-time viewer or reader. Spoilers are a major turn off that’s why I do my best to avoid them, here’s how.

Spoilers? Turn it off

The first thing I will try to avoid spoilers is to turn off my social media. It’s the immediate solution to do, if I think I can catch up within the day, I will just lower my usage of social media. I can say it’s helpful for a while however I can’t always stay away from it because it’s my source of communication. Social media is the main source of spoilers, people will first turn to it to share their thoughts and feelings. Sometimes no matter how you try to avoid spoilers from SocMed it’s futile.

Unfollow for a while

If I don’t really have the time to watch within the day I will unfollow some social media pages. Pages, groups, and even people that post content about the things I want to avoid. For an instance, whenever Genshin Impact releases new story chapters and I can’t play, I unfollow everything related to it. It may sound extreme however, I only do that when it comes to spoilers on contents.

See Also

There’s also a mute option on Twitter. It’s found in Setting and Privacy, click Mute and Block, then Muted Words. Enter the words you want to mute and you won’t see them in your timeline and notification. I seldom use Twitter so I don’t really use this.

Trying to avoid spoilers is really hard so if you have time to be updated don’t waste it.

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