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Solenn Heussaff expresses ‘mum guilt’ amid Milan short trip

Solenn Heussaff expresses ‘mum guilt’ amid Milan short trip

After attending the Milan Fashion Week, celebrity mom Solenn Heussaff expressed on her Instagram post that being away from her daughter Thylane was tough for her.

In her post, she admitted that she cant wait to come home for her 2-year old child.

“Though this short trip was a lot of fun, I cant wait to come home to you!”

Solenn also realized that “mum guilt can be real,” but she took note that moms should take some time off for themselves.

“Mum guilt can be real, but remember to always take some time off for yourself sometimes!”

After living as a full-time mom for the last two years, she revealed that she was happy to attend fashion week. She also mentioned that she used to be a dresser backstage for fashion week in Paris. But for this year’s event, she was one of the crowd.

“Was so happy to attend fashion week again but from the crowd! ( I used to be a dresser back stage for fashion week in Paris after graduating from Fashion design).”

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Her husband, an Argentinian businessman and social media celebrity Nico Bolzico, responded to her heartfelt message for Thylane in a hilarious way.

“#Pochola peed on your side of the bed, I believe it is safer if you don’t sleep in our bed for the first few days, #Pochola marked na.”

As she graced this year’s Milan Fashion Week, Solenn wowed the public with her stylish outfits.

Tight hugs for you, Mommy Solenn! There are hard days in motherhood. But despite it, you are amazing and you’re doing great!

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