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SKIN POEM’S POETRY CONTEST 2023: When Love Blooms, Skin Glows

SKIN POEM’S POETRY CONTEST 2023: When Love Blooms, Skin Glows

There are different ways to define what love is all about. For some people, love is all about seeing the presence of their partner, friends or even family. For others, love is defined base on the respect and values they put into themselves. Since love is not definite, Skin Poem developed a poetry contest on Instagram wherein everybody has the chance to show what love for them is all about through poetry writing.

Valuing different voices of writers and poets, Skin Poem doesn’t just devote their hearts to skincare production but also to young, and well-rounded talents out there whose niche are into story-telling that can either express their feelings and true personality. With that said, there’s no denying that Beauty is indeed skin deep. This 23rd of March 2023, Skin Poem posted on their Instagram account a new way to engage their audience, and that is through hosting their first ever Skin Poem’s Poetry Competition with the theme: When Love Blooms, Skin Glows. Individuals with the burning passion in writing and in poetries can join. There’s no need for you to become a professional writer for you to join the said competition, all you need is heart.

Here are the Mechanics to Join:

  1. Include an art or an illustration beside your poetry.

If you’re an avid fan of Instagram Poetries, wherein Poets were including their work of arts such as painting, illustrations, and even digital drawing into their pieces, then you know what it means already. Not only because it adds an extra aesthetic to the poetry, but also emphasizes value and in depth meaning of the overall story.

  1. Minimum word count is 100

Be sure that you also need to be precise with your word count. And remember: Right choices of words are also necessary. 

  1. Share your poetry on Instagram and Don’t Forget to mention/tag us to track your work!

The aim of this Skin Poem is to not just to host a poetry competition wherein they can choose the winners who can take home the prizes. But instead, they encourage every participant to take pride from their work, and have the confidence to show it to the world of social media. Because if you’re confident with your work it means you’re happy doing it.


Deadline is still on April 11, 2023, but are you still waiting for that day before you’ll start writing? You must be thinking of a good story angle now because exciting prizes are waiting at stake!

Champion: Php. 10, 000 + 3k Worth of Skin Poem’s Products

1st Runner Up: Php. 5,000 + 2k Worth of Skin Poem’s Products

2nd Runner Up: Php. 2,500 + 1k Worth of Skin Poem’s Products

Criteria for Judging 

See Also

Creativity: 30 %

Grammar and Diction: 30%

Art Illustration: 20%

Post Engagement: 20%

Skin Poem supports poets and writers out there whose talents are far beyond measure. Who knows? You might be the next one to be discovered? Break a leg Skin Poem Community!

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