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Two years and counting of my exhaustion

Two years and counting of my exhaustion

Active, excel, and multitask. The three words that describe what I could do during pre-pandemic. I was an active student who joined extracurricular activities, especially when it comes to dancing. Back then, I think I excelled in the field of my passion and academics. I could multitask things and it did not even tire me at all. Notice that it is all in past tense form since I cannot do it anymore— all because of exhaustion.

What happened?

This time in college, I thought I could be the same. The one who can easily join school organizations. When I was a freshman, I even thought it would be easier to be active once I passed since it was an online set-up. But I thought wrong. 

I try so hard to juggle things these days. I try so hard to accomplish my responsibilities, other than my internship. But I just cannot do it anymore the way I can before. I am now the type of person who does tasks one at a time. It may be a good thing to some because you can fully focus on a certain thing, but it just prolongs my exhaustion. 

Moreover, since my first year in college, my attention span got a lot shorter. I even undergo social media breaks now. Because, maybe, the pandemic took a toll on me.

More than a health crisis

I have noticed that since the pandemic, losing the ability to multitask is more draining. Things online only tire me a lot. Of course, experience all that because, under this crucial health emergency, we are just tied in our chairs. We face the laptops and are forced to do normal things, pretending we are in a normal situation. When in fact, it is definitely not. 

Exhausting— is a word that could describe the two years of the pandemic. True freedom out of confined rooms is what I seek. Socializing in person with everyone on a daily basis is what I want. Moreover, conducting safe and physical classes is what we need for our university.

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Surely, I am not the only one who’s already burnout. It is now a common occurrence for everybody for we cannot deal with any more things that are limited. We are drained of the existence of the pandemic, lack of government response, and other worsening crises we face.

So, let’s call for a change in the instilled ‘normalized’ lifestyle. We need a truly normal life so that the health crisis can be addressed properly. Because I tell you, if things still make their pace as we deal now, the exhaustion will prolong than it already has.

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