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Andrea Brillantes: Taking the road to 18 with grace and confidence

Andrea Brillantes: Taking the road to 18 with grace and confidence

Looking like the Greek goddess Aphrodite, Andrea Brillantes shared some teasers from a photoshoot as a countdown for her 18th birthday this March 12. One of her posts has a caption: “Pisces Season. Countdown for my 18th birthday begins N O W.

Turning challenges into blessings

Andrea Brilliantes started her career in Goin’ Bulilit and has appeared in several ABS-CBN TV shows. She is widely popular for playing Annaliza in the 2013 drama series of the same title. She became an icon when she played the role of Marga in the afternoon series Kadenang Ginto.

Photo from ABS-CBN

Andrea might be exuding so much confidence and allure in front of the camera, but she did acknowledge that she lacked self-love before. It’s really hard to believe that one of the prettiest faces in local showbiz has a lot of insecurities about herself. She even said in an interview that she hated her own reflection in the mirror. She did not realize how beautiful she was so she even resorted to crash diets.

Her family and friends did their part in assuring and supporting her during those times. The process took three years but it was all worth it because she learned to accept herself. Last year, she shared her new perspective about self-love and healing:

“There’s no rainbow without rain. You won’t know happiness kung hindi mo alam ang sadness. Ngayon, hinahayaan ko na lang. Iiyak ako pero alam ko magkakaroon din ng blessing.”

Her journey gave birth to her new single titled: Bituin”. This is a song that encourages other girls to embrace confidence and shine like a star.


This year, the young actress also revealed another blessing that is a fruit of her hard work and sacrifices. As a matter of fact, she has saved up enough to buy her family their own house that stands on a 400-square-meter lot. After 10 years, Andrea’s house is finally complete. She posted on her Instagram account that it was her longest dream to come true.

“You were my longest (10 years) and most difficult dream to come true. You have always been at the back of my mind since I was young pushing me to work harder. I’m so happy you made it this year with everything that happened, im soooo happy.”

Andrea is set to star in the upcoming show Huwag Kang Mangamba with Francine Diaz, Seth Fedelin, and Kyle Echarri. With her acting prowess and positive attitude, we cannot wait for her to blossom as a top-caliber actress of her generation. Happy Birthday, Andrea!

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