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Samantha Panlilio’s final evening gown proves that she’s the grandest of them all


Samantha Panlilio’s final evening gown proves that she’s the grandest of them all

Samantha Panlilo is the epitome of what makes a beauty queen. Unfortunately, she failed to penetrate the semifinals of Miss Grand International 2021 that took place last night in Bangkok, Thailand.

A true queen in her own right, Samantha shares in an Instagram post that despite the outcome, the love and support she’s receiving makes her nothing but warm and grateful.

Looking absolutely beautiful, the post also features photos of Sam wearing her final evening gown designed by Rian Fernandez.

Known for her glamorous and extravagant wardrobe during the pageant, if anything, this dress is enough to prove that Sam truly does embody the brand of Miss Grand International.

“The Crown”

Fully handcrafted and delicately embroidered, the form-fitting, sweetheart neckline gown takes inspiration from the crown of MGI.

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With scatters of glass beads, Swarovski crystals, and emerald acrylic beads, and rhinestones all over the dress, Rian describes his work as “a piece of an art definitely handcrafted to perfection”

This was a stunning follow-up to his Balangay inspired evening gown that Sam wore during the preliminary competition.

What could have been

Known to have a polarizing relationship with the pageant, the Filipino fans clearly didn’t take Sam’s omission very lightly.

The keyword ‘SamPan” continues to trend on social media as fans express their anger and disappointment towards the pageant.

With Sam’s gown mostly taking up the conversation, it is obvious that we all feel bad that our girl wasn’t able to showcase both the gown and herself onstage.

Still, Thank you for giving your all and representing our country well, Sam!

With or without the crown, you are our pride, you are Grand!

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