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Relax & Unwind With barenbliss Skincare Products 

Relax & Unwind With barenbliss Skincare Products 

Why is beauty treatment so important? Do you have your skincare routine figured out? Not sure where to start for skin support? 

After doing your best at school or a draining day from your 9-5, it’s important to allot some time for yourself. We often neglect personal care, the more you know skipping skin treatment could affect your mood the next day. Skincare is an easy way to ‘free two birds with a single key’. While taking care of your skin, you’ll also feel relaxed and blissful that you made time for yourself. 

Skin support doesn’t have to be difficult, it’s  your ‘me time.’ Yet with all the products that are launching from moisturizers to different kinds of serums. Finding affordable yet high quality products seems to be challenging. Plus, it’s hard to decide on where to start, especially if your not a skincare enthusiasts. barenbliss provides vegan-friendly and cruelty-free beauty routine products while firmly avoiding 20,000+ harmful ingredients to promote clean and safe beauty routine all over Asia. With the expertise of Korean cosmetic laboratories, barenbliss beauty treatment is able to combine highly effective components and joyful experiences in their products.

Easy Beauty Routine Using barenbliss Products

barenbliss skincare: Machi Peachy Micellar Water

Sleeping at night is more blissful with a clean fresh face. The first step for Korean skincare is barenbliss Machi Peachy Micellar Water is a gentle cleanser. It is an oil-infused micellar water with a sweet peach scent. It gently sweeps away excess dirt as well as long-wearing waterproof barenbliss makeup without leaving your skin feeling oily or sticky.  After cleansing with this micellar water, you’ll definitely feel like you’re not just wiping away the dirt. but also your stress and worries away.

Follow up your skincare routine with barenbliss’ Yogurt Vit+ Mask Sakura and Tea Tree Face Masks. Indulge in the moment of a well-deserved relaxation with this skin support. These face masks are formulated with light-creamy yogurt serum. Vitamins and Sakura Extract to smoothen and brighten dull skin and the other contains Tea Tree Oil for sebum control and calming troubled skin. During the 15-20 minutes skincare. You have your mask on, you can read a book; meditate or just unwind in the bliss of the night with your favorite album playing in the background. This skincare is like saying “I love you” to your skin by drenching it with probiotic skin activation. 

Lastly you can’t kiss your stress away with dry lips! Use barenbliss’ Butter Rush Vitamin Lip Mask to make those lips a little more irresistible. This balm-textured lip mask will get rid of your lip’s dryness and reveal bouncy, supple lips. Sleep in with this lip mask and you can smile ear to ear the next day!

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