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Ransom Collective’s Leah Halili drops solo debut ‘Fourth of July’

Ransom Collective’s Leah Halili drops solo debut ‘Fourth of July’

What’s it like meeting the person you like? Ransom Collective’s Leah Halili shared her personal romance story through her debut single Fourth of July. She composed and sung the song. This was produced by Carlos Castaño, a famous singer-songwriter who added incredible dimensions to the arrangement. 


Leah Halili clarifies Fourth of July is not about the American Day of Independence

According to an ABS-CBN News report, Halili clarifies that it’s just a coincidence that it’s titled after the American Day of Independence. She explained that it’s more of her new feeling of a new adventure and stage in her life. Also, her life stories and her personal story inspired her in writing the song. 

“I was playing around with my guitar and I was thinking about this line from the film ‘Legally Blonde 2’ – ‘You look like the Fourth of July’ and it was an idea that it can be a feeling.”

“I was brainstorming with my producer, Carlos Castaño, and he said, ‘Actually, the ‘Fourth of July’ is a catchy title for a song.’”

Facebook | Leah Halili

Collaborating with friends

Leah Halili, Carlos Castaño, and together with some of Halili’s friends who did the instruments recorded the song in June. Pat Sarabia on drums, John Apura on guitars, and Princess Ybañez on strings. When the song was completed, Halili felt giddy as the song sounded like what she thought it would. She also revealed that she is working with a lot of songs.

I have a lot of new songs but most of them are in the demo stage. ‘Fourth of July’ is the only one in pure recorded form.”

Leah Halili reflects on life

Halili said,

“I did a lot of thinking about my life and what I wanted to do.”

Facebook | Leah Halili

Moreover, some of her bandmates live overseas, violinist Muriel Gonzales in France, and keyboardist Lily Gonzales in Portugal. The band is on hiatus. She considered the best option for her and opted to move back to the United States.

“Everyone is just doing their own thing for now because of the times we live in. When this pandemic ends and we meet, we’ll see where it takes us.” 

Leah is the bassist and vocalist of the six-piece band, Ransom Collective.

Returning to the US

She’s been in the US for three months. Halili is currently employed as a pre-school teacher, a position she enjoys. Halili was born in San Francisco, California, but her family migrates to the Philippines when she was young. For this 27-year-old singer, returning to the United States may represent a fresh start hence the title of her solo debut single, ‘Fourth of July.’

Fourth of July is now streaming on all digital platforms. Watch the lyric video here.

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