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KAIA drops a new single, “Dalawa”, the quintet’s shift to R&B genre

KAIA drops a new single, “Dalawa”, the quintet’s shift to R&B genre

Delving into the world of R&B, KAIA showcased how versatile they can be as a P-Pop group. KAIA is a Filipino girl group band consisting of five members namely Angela, Charlotte, Sophia, Alexa, and Charice. Since their debut on the 10th of December last year, KAIA firstly unveiled their electro pop pre-debut single entitled “Kaya”. Not long after, they also released their official debut song, “Blah, blah”, unleashing their vocal and dance prowess. Right after releasing their debut’s music video, KAIA landed on the top trending list of Twitter Philippines last April 8.

Today, 29th of September 2022, marks the release of KAIA’s new single, Dalawa, under Sony Music Entertainment. The five-member girl group’s smooth groove stands out in a stark contrast to their earlier works. “Dalawa” relates to the idea of expressing affection in the most comforting, impressionable manner.

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According to the group, “Dalawa” is a song that tells a story familiar to many: catching unrequited feelings for someone close to you.” “While it veers away from the upbeat, dance-pop tunes that we’ve been dishing out since our debut, this particular material sticks to our strengths as a girl group,” added KAIA.

The song’s writer and producer, Jayson Franz, gives the Filipino group’s sound a mellifluous yet funky and upbeat direction. According to Franz, the quintet contributed significantly to the demo’s recording process, making sure to share their own thoughts on the song’s ambiance and vocal arrangements. Franz mentioned that he wanted a different approach for KAIA’s comeback, taking into consideration every girl’s unique personalities.

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“Dalawa” welcomes smooth creative musical experimentation that does not overpower the vocals. It is well satiated with R&B melodies and mischievous sounds that harken back to the 2000s. The concept really did expose each of the member’s flair, giving  ZAIA, their fandom, a unique comeback present.

So what are you waiting for?

Catch KAIA’s single, “Dalawa” on all digital streaming platforms worldwide via Sony Music Entertainment. You can also use the hashtags, #DALAWAbyKAIA, #DALAWAOutNow, and #KAIA on your social media platforms. Get your grooves ready, and let us all be amazed by the quintet’s performance with their new comeback of the year! 

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