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Playlist Check: Ariana Grande’s Christmas Songs

Playlist Check: Ariana Grande’s Christmas Songs

As the Christmas season begins, we start to feel the holiday vibes with a bunch of good holiday songs. There are a lot of iconic Christmas songs out there, but if you haven’t heard of any of Ariana Grande’s Christmas music then you are missing out!

We all know that Ariana Grande is one of the best singer-songwriters of this generation. The greatest and biggest pop star! With a lot of top hit songs, awards, and world records Ariana Grande is indeed a phenomenal female artist. That’s why there’s no doubt that this pop star can release bop Christmas songs. Now, this Christmas season, have a great time and mood by listening to this original holiday music by Ariana Grande. You might want to add them to your playlist!

Ariana Grande’s Christmas Songs

Santa Tell Me

This song is Ariana Grande’s most famous original Christmas song. And we can all agree that Santa Tell Me is absolutely bop and very fun to listen to. It’s about true love but with a holiday vibe and feels. I can listen to this song every day until after Christmas.

(Christmas Kisses Album)

Love is everything

The whole song is basically about Love. Love is everything and a fun fact is that the word love was used 23 times in this song. You can check and count it yourself!

Snow in California

Snow in California? Hmm, sounds interesting. Ariana, in this song, pleads with Santa for snow in California because she wants her lover to stay longer with her. It’s about her long-distance lover, her other half. I bet you’ll feel the same when you’re in her shoes.

(Christmas & Chill Album)


“Welcome to this Christmas”. Ariana Grande welcomes us not only in her album but also to Christmas. Well, this 1 minute and 6 seconds song gives the best intro for a Christmas Album like this. No wonder she always has the most Lit intro ever.


I’m telling you, after hearing this song, even if it’s not Christmas you’ll still vibe it anyway! It’s such a BOP! And we can all agree that this song deserves to be longer. You should add it to your playlist.

Not just on Christmas

Ariana Grande’s voice will not disappoint you. Her voice is heavenly, especially in this song. You’ll feel the vibe of a beautiful Christmas, it’s so magical!

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True Love

In this song, she showed all the things her true love gave to her. It’s so sweet and full of feelings. Plus the beat gives the chills!

Wit it this Christmas

I’m living for Ariana’s Christmas song with a pop and R&B vibe! If it’s not in the Christmas and Chill Album, I wouldn’t know that this is a Christmas song!

Winter Things

Imagine vibing to this song wearing a sweater in winter while on a car ride. Or wear a sundress on your balcony, it’s Christmas but it’s sunny. There’s just something about Arianna Grande’s voice and this song, it’s so soothing and very relaxing. It’s such a beautiful song, that will put you in a good mood.

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