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Top 5 ABS-CBN Christmas Station ID Songs

Top 5 ABS-CBN Christmas Station ID Songs

As we welcome Christmas this year, we once again welcome these phenomenal Christmas Station ID songs of ABS-CBN. No matter how long it has been released, we can all agree that these songs are still one of the best Filipino Christmas songs. It’s like bringing back the old times and childhood memories. And will always be part of our Christmas as Filipinos.

These remarkable songs are proof that ABS-CBN did not fail to provide amazing and heartwarming songs for Filipinos. ABS-CBN gave us something that will let us remind of the beauty of Christmas in our country.

Now, are you ready to listen and reminisce? These are the Top 5 ABS-CBN Christmas Station ID songs:

Top 5 ABS-CBN Christmas Station ID Songs

1. Bro, Ikaw Ang Star ng Pasko

You’ll probably hear this song a lot this Christmas season. This is one of the most popular Christmas songs for caroling. The most unforgettable Christmas song of all time. I bet you also sang it together with your friends or love ones back then. It’s just a timeless song, you’ll never get tired of listening to it. Now it brings back so many memories, brings back the grade school days, as a child who used to sing it when the Christmas season began. With this song, we can recall those priceless days. It is indeed the star of our Christmas.

2. Ngayong Pasko, Magniningning Ang Pilipino

Just by reading the title, you can already sing it. It has one of the best choruses, that will stuck in your head and you’ll surely get LSS! The nostalgic feeling while listening to this song feels so good. It’s such a great way to remember our good old days. Plus the lyrics of the song never failed to deliver a wonderful message to our fellow Filipino people.

3. Thank you, Ang Babait Ninyo

The catchy chorus of this song is what we are living for! A perfect song for kids! It is such a great move to make a song out of a carol song that you’ve sung after you’ve been given a money or present. Now it’s also one of the most popular and used songs that Filipino sang when caroling.

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4. Magkasama Tayo sa Kwento ng Pasko

Kwento ng Pasko This song has a great and deep message for us Filipinos. For all of our challenges and struggles, this song reminded us that no matter what happens, we are all together, and we are not alone. There will always a hope and a miracle. This song will always be remembered as we all remember our struggles in life. And despite the circumstances, you’ll still feel the spirit of Christmas.

5. Lumiliwanag ang Mundo sa Kwento ng Pasko

The song feels so soothing, from the melody, tune, lyrics, and the voices of the singers. It’s like a lullaby but in a way that will give you the strength to look forward for the better. And remembering your life when you were younger, and your battles in life while listening to this song might get you emotional. Just like “Magkasama Tayo Sa Kwento ng Pasko”, this song also gives us hope and courage to keep on fighting.

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