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Paseo de San Pablo, a must-visit in Laguna for the holiday season

Paseo de San Pablo, a must-visit in Laguna for the holiday season

‘Tis the season to be jolly! Christmas is just around the corner. The spirit of the Christmas celebration would not be complete without a tourist attraction for the whole family or barkadas to visit. Now, to give you a delicately amusing spot to enjoy your Holidays with, a hidden gem in San Pablo City, Laguna would be a perfect treat for you – PASEO DE SAN PABLO.

Photos in this article are all from Paseo de San Pablo’s official Facebook page unless credited otherwise.

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San Pablo City, Laguna attracts the majority of its visitors because of the majestic wonders of seven lakes. But, little did we know, that some hidden gems are yet to be found with such breathtaking views and attractions. Just like the bazaar center in the city called ‘Paseo de San Pablo’ that is now an arising attraction in Laguna.

Paseo de San Pablo, a must-visit in Laguna for the holiday season

Now that the Christmas season is fastly approaching, we seek places that would bring us happiness, respectively. Well then, this place surely knows the drill! As a matter of fact, they welcome every visitor with so much compassion and a very friendly approach.

If you are up for food trips, live performances, and astonishing night lights, then you just discovered the perfect match for you. It opens every day from 3:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. for all of its visitors.

Located at F. Amante Drive, San Jose, Malamig, San Pablo City, Laguna, basically, you could just always hop on the place to whatever part of the day would be convenient for you.

Just to give you a quick sneak of what to expect upon visiting, here are some of their famous attractions:

Tunnel of Lights

As you approach the bazaar at night time, be ready with their evidently mind-blowing signature tunnel of lights. Indulge yourself in the overwhelming entrance tunnel and get ready for automatic picture-taking moments. Certainly, the perfect spot to take your aesthetically-pleasing selfies!

Floating Umbrellas

Umbrellas could be decorations, too! Be mesmerized by the floating umbrellas with a touch of shimmering lights. Truly, nothing compares to this attraction intended for its tremendous walkways. Also, you will definitely pass on the royalty vibes with their colorful floating umbrellas.

Christmas is in the air!

The much-talked-about bazaar in Laguna became much more popular because of its majestic Christmas decorations. Visitors will definitely feel the Christmas vibes as the place were filled with decorations. Literally, just anywhere you scatter your eyes, you will be amused with the Christmas vibes.

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Night Lights Madness

Keeping the Christmas spirit alive are the lights that were blinking so much beauty and glee. Get your phones ready for that Insta-worthy pose! Truly, no spot in the place would be worthy of that picture-taking!


If you’re into treating yourself with clothes, shoes, jewelry, etc., then you are on the right track with your visit. Also, with justifiable prices, your money will not definitely go to waste! Indeed, quality yet affordable prices will conquer the way that you will surely enjoy! Certainly, perfect for the shoppers out there. Happy Shopping!

Want-To-Sawa Food Trips

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What would be a bazaar without food stalls, right? Definitely, your stomach will be fed with mouth-watering delicious food. Undeniably, whatever your cravings may be for the day of your visit will be fulfilled by the available food stalls. Besides, a walk-through in every corner of the bazaar would let you catch those cravings of yours to be satisfied emphatically.

Live Entertaining Shows

Arvin Jullian Abadicio Cornejo | Facebook

San Pableños are always ready to prove to everyone how much talent they got! Indeed, show-stopping performances and live shows capture the hearts of their visitors. Also, there are motor and auto moto shows, Pintadoz Statue Mine, Ink War, Pageants, Singing Contests, and the awaited live band to set off the mood could all be witnessed in the bazaar. In addition, special events in the City also take place in the bazaar.

The door of Paseo de San Pablo was always open for you! Spread the word and treat your family and barkadas with a visit for this is the season to be jolly!

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