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Nine of the Best “Title of your Sex Tape” Comebacks on Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Nine of the Best “Title of your Sex Tape” Comebacks on Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Title of your sex tape

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is considered to be one of the best sitcoms of this generation. It follows Jake Peralta, a detective from the NYPD’s 99th police precinct as he solves crimes together with his colleagues. In the show, there are many recurring goofs and running jokes that will bring out the laughs in us. 

On top of the most memorable gags, the “Title of your sex tape” comeback from Jake Peralta is undeniably on the list. Whenever he finds a moment to slip this comment in, he would. Mostly aimed towards Amy Santiago, this joke was present at every special moment between the two of them. This became a joke on the internet and it is said that this is this generation’s “That’s what she said”. 

Nine of the Best “Title of your Sex Tape” Comebacks on Brooklyn Nine-Nine

“Kind, Sober, And Fully Dressed.” (Halloween, Season 1, Episode 6)

Amy Santiago: “Can you magically make everyone kind, sober, and fully dressed?”

Jake Peralta:Kind, Sober, And Fully Dressed. Good news, everyone! We found the title of Amy Santiago’s sex tape.”

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Halloween

As the squad was having a meeting in the briefing room, assignments were given. Amy Santiago, who despises Halloween, is annoyed that she needs to dress up. This is in order to accompany Charles Boyle on his undercover sleuthing mission. Charles being Charles, he assured Amy that he could help her be in the mood for the spooky season. This made Amy ask if he could make everyone kind, sober, and fully dressed. This episode is also where the iconic Halloween Heist first started: A bet between Jake Peralta and Captain Raymond Holt to find out who is the Amazing Detective/Genius in the precinct.

I’m Horrible At This When Can We Stop? (Charges and Specs, Season 1, Episode 22)

Jake Peralta: “How did you manage to step on both of my feet at the same time?”

Amy Santiago: “I’m horrible at this. When can we stop?”

Jake Peralta: “I’m horrible at this–”

Amy Santiago: “I know, I know, title of my sex tape.”

For an undercover assignment, Jake and Amy joined an amateur ballroom dancing competition. Amy really showed her frustration about the situation since she has two left feet. This led to Jake swooping into the conversation with his comeback. But Amy, knowing Jake’s behavior, went ahead to say it first.

“One More Butt And You’re In Contempt.” (Crime & Punishment, Season 4, Episode 22)

Judge Marinovich: “One More ‘But’ And You Will Be In Contempt.”

Jake Peralta: “One More Butt And You’re In Contempt. Name of your sex tape.”

Jake Peralta is known for being unserious, he could literally make a joke out of any situation. Being in the trial of his life as he was framed for robbing a bank, this is his coping mechanism. The courtroom is no exception for him to exude his nervousness in the form of this sex joke.

Uh-Oh, I Hope It Doesn’t Get Too Sexual, title of your sex tape. (Windbreaker City, Season 2, Episode 15)

Amy Santiago: Sorry, I can’t reschedule. I have tickets to a TED Talk on power poses and getting what you want using your body. Uh-oh, I hope it doesn’t get too sexual.”

Jake Peralta: “Uh-oh, I hope it doesn’t get too sexual, title of your sex tape. But seriously, what is taking so long? Also, the title of your sex tape.”

I know that technically there are two jokes here, but let’s count it as one. Consider this as a toit double feature. Jake, still heartbroken by Sophia, still has a high spirit to deliver this line. Well, this is in character for him, or maybe this is just his way of distracting himself.

“Why Doesn’t Your Mouth Work?” (Det. Dave Majors, Season 2, Episode 21)

Jake Peralta: “Hey, now that it’s just us, there’s a thing I wanted to– to say a-da-za you.”

Amy Santiago: “Why doesn’t your mouth work?”

Jake Peralta: “Why doesn’t your mouth work? Title of our sex tape. Title of your sex tape! What? Nooo.”

This occurred when Detective Dave Majors is in the precinct and in need of the help of Jake and Amy. It was a pleasure for them to work with Detective Majors because they consider him one of the top detectives in the country. Detective Majors’ reputation as a hunk caused Peralta to get envious as the latter eyed Santiago. As a favor, Peralta tried his best to ask Amy for the benefit of Majors but it came out inaudibly.

I Hope It Wasn’t a Mistake, title of your sex tape. Oh. Title of our sex tape! (New Captain, Season 3, Episode 1)

Jake Peralta: “So, we broke a rule.”

Amy Santiago: “I hope it wasn’t a mistake.”

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Jake Peralta: I hope it wasn’t a mistake, title of your sex tape. Oh. Title of our sex tape!

Captain Dozerman replaced Captain Holt as he was transferred out of the NIne-Nine. The new captain was strict about the rules in the workplace and this includes not dating your colleague. Jake and Amy, still fazed about the fact that they like each other, wanted to talk about their situation. After their decision in Shaw’s Bar to take things light and breezy, they found themselves ironically sleeping together.

I’m so confused, I don’t know what’s happening right now. (HalloVeen, Season 5, Episode 4)

Amy Santiago: “I’m so confused, I don’t know what’s happening right now.”

Jake Peralta: “I’m so confused, I don’t know what’s happening right now. Title of your sex tape.”

Counted as the best entry in the list, this came out of Jake Peralta (ooh, the title of their sex tape!) while he is on his knees asking Amy Santiago to marry him. During the squad’s fifth Halloween heist, they played their own tricks up their own sleeves. In order to be the next Amazing/Genius, they must possess at midnight a belt or a cummerbund (sorry, Capt. Holt). The heist ended when Jake swapped the cummerbund with another one. This one is engraved with the question “Amy Santiago, will you marry me?’.

Jake and Amy Are Getting Married Tonight. Title of my sex tape! (Jake & Amy, Season 5, Episode 22)

Charles Boyle: Jake and Amy are getting married tonight! Title of my sex tape!!

Brooklyn Nine Nine Charles

Charles Boyle, being the president of Peraltiago (he came up with the name, not me), sure has an entry. We all know Boyle to be a hardcore supportive friend. So the idea of their marriage is like the equivalent of being high on cloud nine.

I guess in the end, we rubbed off on each other quite a bit. [Pauses] Title of your sex movie. Did I get that right? (The Last Day, Pt. 2, Season 8, Episode 10)

Captain Raymond Holt: I guess in the end, we rubbed off on each other quite a bit. [Pauses] Title of your sex movie. Did I get that right?

Jake Peralta: It is perfect.

Filled with emotions, they took a trip back to their most memorable moments in the series finale. As they were on their last heist, Captain Holt finally got the sex tape joke right after many attempts. His conversation with Jake really brings out feelings as it is the end of the squad’s journey together (cries in Nine-Nine).

Photo | John P. Fleenor/NBC

This running gag truly encapsulated Jake and Amy’s love story in the series. It highlighted their rivals to friends to lovers arc and we are here living for it. Until the end, the joy they bring to the viewers is still there. If you look back on these comebacks in the future, you’ll see each milestone in their lives affiliated to it. It would be like our own trip to memory lane with them. You can rewatch Brooklyn Nine-Nine on Netflix as they have also included the eighth and final season.

There’s really no other way to describe this sitcom, but by quoting Jake Peralta himself, “It is perfect”.

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