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Most Important Meal of the Day: My Top 5 Breakfast Meals

Most Important Meal of the Day: My Top 5 Breakfast Meals

Indulging in a good breakfast meal may be one of the best ways to start your day, whether you’re going for a massive and filling platter or a quick bite to keep that stomach from rumbling. Well, for me, here are the best ones for my morning palate.

Rice for Breakfast? Why not!

Silog meals

You can’t go wrong with silog meals when you’re about to start your day. This meal is a big appetite-kind of breakfast. Firstly, it has your meat of choice, fried rice, and a fried egg. My favorite silog meals are mainly tapsilog (Beef), bangsilog (Fried Bangus), tocilog (Tocino), bacsilog (Bacon), and hotsilog (Hotdog). I even put a slice of tomato and cucumber in it to cleanse my taste buds after a savory meal. I pair this with a cup of black coffee, and I usually have it when I’m not in a rush because this has a longer preparation time.

Rice porridge

This next breakfast meal is rice cooked in water until it breaks into a thick consistency. Lugaw, in Filipino terms, has a soup-like texture and is very savory. You can top it off with a boiled egg, chicken chunks, liempo, chicken liver, and many more. And also, enhancing its flavor is up to you! Add fish sauce, pepper, calamansi, or chili sauce for extra heat. But if you’re not a fan of spicy dishes, you might want to skip on that. I usually buy this from food stalls near our place, and I always ask for extra fried garlic and onion chives. It wouldn’t be complete without those two!

Bread is as good as rice.

OG Pandesal Combos

If I had the chance to wake up early, I would go to the bakery and buy a bag of freshly baked pandesal. This one’s perfect for breakfast when it’s paired with margarine or butter; since it’s still hot, the butter melts on its own. Although, peanut butter would do, too, if you’re a fan of nutty flavors. But if I wanted a savory filling, I would go for Reno liver spread. However, when I have no spread for this, I usually dip it in coffee. And if you haven’t tried this combo, you should!

See Also

Pancit Canton with pandesal or buns is just one good duo too. Though it’s usually eaten during the afternoon as a snack, who says you can’t have it for breakfast? I like my pancit canton with mayo and extra calamansi. Its creaminess and acidity perfectly hit the spot. One of the must-try meals as well!

2 Ingredient Pancake

Banana and Eggs

Moreover, let’s move to my sweet kind of breakfast. If we have ripe bananas on our table, I always use them to make banana pancakes. You need one of those bananas and two large eggs. I would mash the banana and lightly beat the eggs. Once they are fully incorporated, you could fry them, making about two medium-sized pancakes. Eat it as it is, or pour maple syrup on top. I sometimes pair it with chicken hotdogs or scrambled eggs for more protein.

No matter how busy or in a rush, don’t forget to fill your stomach with breakfast, as it would be your fuel for half the day. Did I have your favorite breakfast meals listed above? If not, what’s your go-to meal then?

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