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Moisturize and exfoliate while you wax with Skinly’s Cold Sugaring Wax

Moisturize and exfoliate while you wax with Skinly’s Cold Sugaring Wax

They say “necessity is the mother of invention.” Skinly says they are right. The brand came to life during the height of the pandemic— around the time of strict lockdown. The choices in Watson’s and the supermarkets nearby were very limited in need of a hair removal kit at home.

Sometimes, It’s hard for us skin enthusiast to find affordable waxing stores around our local areas. Not only you will pay with their waxing but also their service. Why would you go to stores and spend additional costs when you can finally do it yourself!

Introducing the Skinly Cold Sugaring Wax

Skinly Cold Sugaring Wax does more than just waxing. It also cleanses your skin from within. It’s composed of all-natural ingredients that have lasting effects that keep your skin smooth and healthy. Who said skin care was just for the face? It’s for the rest of your body too

Easy to apply just by following the directions!

Ultimately, Skinly wants its consumers to feel happy. Happy with the results, happy with how easy it is to use, happy with how convenient it is to have at home for contingencies, and happy with the experience overall. They also want their consumers to feel that they are receiving value for what they pay for. As a result, Skinly does its best to make sure the products are effective. Above all, the brand wants to be non-intimidating, also experience feeling homey, and make sure that there is always room for improvement based on consumer feedback.

Secret tip!

Did you know that solo tubs are now available if you order through their order form? so if you’re looking to add just an extra tub to your classic baddie set, or still have wax strips at home but ran out of tubs, they definitely got you covered. Click here to learn more!

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What’s next for Skinly?

Our consumers can definitely expect improvements on our lip oil. With packaging, coming out with new shades, and other things that our consumers have been wanting us to do with it as well. For the brand itself, we’re looking forward to getting on another platform we’ve always wanted to be on and focusing on more awareness for the brand as a whole. We’re after a slow, steady, and authentic growth.

Issa the Owner of Skinly

Finally, love the skin you are in and pamper it with only the best cold waxing that you can afford. So, what are you waiting for? Go visit their Instagram to grab your very own cold wax or go directly to their order form by clicking here!

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