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Trendy Color Pink Blushes For Filipina Skin Tone

Trendy Color Pink Blushes For Filipina Skin Tone

Want to achieve that natural rosy glowing look? here are the trendy pink blushes that will be perfect for your skin tone.

Photo Credits: Website/ Janer Iredale

Blush is essential in any makeup kit. Having a variety of shades, there’s one that suits every type of skin tone and looks. But when it comes to bringing that glowing and healthy look to your face, Pink blush is a go-to shade for a fresh-faced look.

Who cannot love Pink, right? That is why let me introduce you to all kinds of pink blushes in liquid and powder form with the best shade just for you.

Be Pretty in Pink Blushes

Nars Liquid and Powder Blush

The best blushes in the market are from NARS. If you ask any makeup artist to name their favorite blush, NARS will be on the list. It has many iconic shades in liquid and powder forms.

From slightly cool toned shade to shimmery warm pink hue, they all have shades to achieve that fresh glowing look. Their blushes are easy to blend, buildable, and long-lasting.

Incredible isn’t it? their formula is enriched with tamanu oils and monoi to help replenish the skin. It works with any complexion.

Dior Backstage Rosy Glow Blush in Pink

The Dior blush in the shade “ Backstage Rosy Glow in Pink” is delicate powder blush in a pink hue that is made for anyone. It claims to create a naturally rosy and radiant cheek that matches all skin tones.

It may look bright at first but as it blends, it creates a unique perfect flushed look. #Achieved!.

Colourette Colortint in Liv

Colourette Colourtint is a staple for many Filipinas’ make-up kits for its pigmentation and of course its longevity. The shade “Liv” makes you blush from within. This is made especially for Filipina skin tones.

It is not too bright, and not too subtle that you can apply for an everyday look. It is multipurpose, you can use it on the eyes, cheeks, and lips. It’s all in one tint.

Rare Beauty Liquid Blush in Happy

Rare Beauty blush is a Tiktok phenomenon, take a scroll and it is all over it. So what is the hype?

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The Rare Beauty blush in the shade “Happy” is a great way to start your collection. It is a vibrant pink that is indeed long-lasting, weightless, and easy to blend on the skin. This blush produces a gorgeous flush in just one small dot.

Even if it is a liquid formula, it dries down to a powder finish so it lasts until the end of the day. Sister, it is perfect for everyday wear.

BLK All-Over Paint

Do you want to achieve that K-beauty then goes for BLK’S liquid blush in shade “All Over Paint”? Not to mention that it is the crowd favorite since it launched and here’s why.

BLK’s All Over Paint is a coastal dusty pink shade. It makes your skin healthy and fresh. It works beautifully also on lips and eyelids that produce a brighter and pigmented finish.

Photo Credits: Temptalia

Anyone can achieve a fresh glowing-faced look. So what are you waiting for gals and lads? be pretty and fresh in these trendy color pink blushes.

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