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Missile Brew gives you the excellent coffee escapade you’ve been missing

Missile Brew gives you the excellent coffee escapade you’ve been missing

Coffee is essential for many people, myself included. Nothing is better than the first cup of freshly-brewed coffee in the morning — except knowing that the beans remain 100% local, directly sourced from Filipino farmers across the Philippines. Working hand-in-hand with the local coffee farmers from Benguet and Sagada, Missile Brew brings sustainably-sourced single-origin coffee and blends to the table.

Going out with friends and catching up while drinking coffee may be one of the things I have been yearning for ever since the quarantine started. The ‘new normal’ is different from Missile Brew owners Miguel Clutario and Hanna Kaw‘s perspective. Although many businesses have halted, they did not let the pandemic stop them from opening up their business and allowing their customers to experience a café vibe in their homes.

Missile Brew’s Miguel Clutario and Hanna Kaw

Get that excellent coffee escapade with Missile Brew

Based in Metro Manila, Missile Brew started due to their love for cold brew coffee. Fortifying their foundation with locally-sourced quality coffee beans. Consisting of Benguet blend for their Hazelnut-Vanilla variant and single-origin Sagada beans for all the other variants, Missile Brew’s best-sellers include Cereal Milk Cold Brew, Matcha Cold Brew, Maple & Cream Cold Brew, and Mocha Madness Cold Brew.

Mocha Madness — a personal favorite

The Mocha Madness Cold Brew is my perfect drink. It remains deliciously refreshing with a coffee boost — smooth, bold, and chocolatey. The velvety cacao balances everything out making this drink an ultimate indulgence. With longer days and warm temperatures, cold brew definitely became my favorite among the others.

Despite the chocolatey flavor, the coffee still hits you. Yes, it’s a powerful hit but isn’t that what we all need? A warning, though, Missile Brew’s beverages are strong and it’s not for the faint-hearted. Consuming large quantities of coffee and chocolate or anything with caffeine can link to palpitations and shortness of breath.

Business as usual amid the pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected all kinds of occupations in the country — especially, freelance workers and small businesses. Although that doesn’t stop Clutario and Kaw in providing their lovely customers with high-quality cold brew drinks, they still struggle due to the fear of the virus itself.

“One common struggle [that] we think hinders us is the fear of the virus itself — may it be from the owners or business perspective, or from the customers’ perspective. Handling and/or getting supplies and handing out products to people outside our homes (Grab, Lalamove, etc.) may not be as safe as it used to be.”

“However, we just have to follow extreme safety precautions. So, we would not get or [unknowingly] spread the virus. Similarly, a number of people are also not willing to get items or food from small businesses because of the doubts that owners or motorcycle riders may have the virus.”

Aside from that, they continue to face struggle as a huge number of similar businesses pop out from everywhere. Although it may mean that people are getting braver during these trying times, it raises the number of competition. The lack of important factors like research, branding, and marketing may slowly end businesses.

“As a result, we as owners try our best to do extensive research and development of our products and we give huge importance also to our marketing and advertising so that people will see and hopefully buy the products we worked hard for.”

Interested customers can reach Missile Brew through private and direct messaging through Facebook and Instagram. Customers may give their contact details and once it has been paid, orders will be dispatched within the day.

One Sip and You’re Ready for Take-Off!

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