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Maine Mendoza drags Singaporean Sales Associate for calling her ‘suplada’

Maine Mendoza drags Singaporean Sales Associate for calling her ‘suplada’

Widely beloved icon Maine Mendoza turned her attention to the alleged “snubbing” incident with a seemingly upset Filipino sales associate in Singapore. The TV host described her as “disrespectful and entitled.”


Maine did not, as she should, held herself back as she responded to the fan account @tius_day which, on Friday, January 13, tweeted the Facebook post of one Joyce Chaneco Villamar. She works as a sales associate at a retail store in Ngee Ann Mall.

In a preview of the now-deleted post, it read, “Suplada pala sa personal itong si Maine Mendoza na ito. So disappointed with you.”

If I came off as “supladita” (as ate sales associate in Bath and Body Works Ngee Ann Mall have said to every Filipino inside the store, even to my friend) e dasurv nga naman, sana tinarayan ko na nga talaga. Bastos si SA and that group of girls. Bastos at makakapal ang mukha.

Also, Maine said that Villamar allegedly told everyone inside the store at the time, including the actress’ friend, that Maine was a snub.

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“Oh if you only know how disrespectful and entitled those ladies were, especially the sales associate, ay maloloka ka nalang talaga. By far the worst experience/interaction with kababayans abroad. Bastos.”

Indeed, celebrities usually draw a lot of flack for appearing to be suplado or suplada by the people who meet them. Let’s all remember that they are humans like us who get tired and worn out. We are not entitled to their time or attention.

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