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Lala Vinzon is a Revolutionary Binibini

Lala Vinzon is a Revolutionary Binibini

Lala Vinzon represents Mexico, Pampanga in this year’s Binibining Pilipinas. A true Binibini full of strength and power.

Photo Credits: Instagram

Lala Vinzon is a Master of the Stage

Ma. Isabela David, otherwise known as Lala Vinzon surely knows how to present herself. Furthermore, she has the credits to prove it. Some of us have seen her as a finalist in the reality singing competition, The Voice Teens where she made it all the way to the finals. After the competition, she went on to perform in various television shows. Dipping her way into acting eventually. Truly, a creative force in show business Lala Vinzon knows how to work her way into achieving her dreams.

A New Binibini Shines in Lala

She is no typical beauty queen. Working in show business from such a young age, Lala Vinzon is a honed artist. At this time, with enough grit, grace, and determination, Lala is on an adventure to take on any challenge. Despite her young age, Lala shows that she is in a league of her own. Having been able to take her chances on most of the performing arts, definitely shows her undeniable talent and stamina to expand her horizons. Now on a whole new journey, Lala Vinzon is undeniably headstrong. With her armada of talents and beauty, the journey to the Binibining Pilipinas crown is tough and yet so sure.

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Lala Vinzon, a Competitive Spirit

Photo Credits: Instagram

As a seasoned competitor, Lala Vinzon has the spirit to go all the way. Now at 20, she is venturing on a whole new life-changing journey. Additionally, showing a different facet to her name. Given the chance to represent something bigger than her, Lala is ready to take on this new stage with a whole lot more attitude and grace than ever before. Truly, a showstopping personality, we are all about to see how she turns out on the Binibining Pilipinas stage.

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