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Klay-Ibarra Ship: Is the pairing possible? Show writer Suzette Doctolero answers

Klay-Ibarra Ship: Is the pairing possible? Show writer Suzette Doctolero answers

As GMA Network’s Maria Clara at Ibarra continues to amaze viewers with its amazing depiction of the classic revolutionary novel written by the Philippine’s National Hero, it has been inciting a lot of relevant topics in today’s society, but, of course, as well as other fun bits.

One of which is the ship between the show’s protagonist, Klay, and the novel’s original main man, Ibarra. In the show, before Fidel realized his feelings for Klay, fans are already debating between Team FiLay and Team Klaybarra.

Klay Crisostomo Ibarra

The undeniable chemistry between Fidel and Klay was hard to resist for many. However, others preferred the dynamic between Klay and Ibarra. The FiLay ship seems to be sailing ahead now that Fidel has confessed his feelings. Nevertheless, the question is, is there ever a chance for Klay and Ibarra?

In The Howie Severino Podcast, Maria Clara at Ibarra writer Suzette Doctolero addressed this question in the latest episode.

“Ang mayroon lang possibility ay magkagusto si Klay kay Ibarra. At hindi malayong mangyaring magkagusto siya kasi, I mean, Dennis Trillo, guwapo si Ibarra. Plus idealistic na lalaki, mabait na lalaki, gentleman so imposibleng hindi magkagusto si Klay na isang Gen Z na napaka-vocal at napakabukas.”

In the show, the heroine certainly developed feelings for Ibarra but never acted on them. The main character assured Maria Clara that she is not there to steal her fiancé. Ibarra, for his part, of course, remains as loyal as ever to Maria Clara. He admires Klay but only thinks of her as a friend. Suzette said,

“Hanggang doon lang kami. Tinease lang namin ‘yan. Kasi alam naman na si Ibarra ay kay Maria Clara.”

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The writer for several GMA Network shows also mentioned that Klay’s feelings for Ibarra are not the possessive and obsessive kind of love.

“Ito ‘yung love na mahal mo ‘yung tao kasi he’s a great human being. Mahal ni Klay si Ibarra dahil ito ay isang mabuting tao. At ‘yun ang love niya. Hindi niya pinagnasaan na gusto niyang gawing jowain at gusto niyang lasunin si Maria Clara para mamatay na. Walang ganun.”

Suzette Doctolero on Klay’s love for Ibarra

What are your thoughts on this? Are you also shipping Klay with Fidel? What are your feelings on the attraction of Klay towards Ibarra? Sound off in the comments below.

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