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Kiko Estrada and Heaven Peralejo have already broken up, according to Ogie Diaz

Kiko Estrada and Heaven Peralejo have already broken up, according to Ogie Diaz

Kiko Estrada Heaven Peralejo break up

Talent manager Ogie Diaz has revealed that controversial couple, starlets Kiko Estrada and Heaven Peralejo, have parted ways.

In his recent vlog, Ogie said,

“Naloka ako! Kasi kakatapos lang ng interview ko kay Kiko tas ito na agad. Nakakaloka in-unfollow ni Kiko si Heaven, kahit mga photos tinanggal. Feeling ko wala na sila. Feeling ko nag-split na sila, nag-break na sila.”

(I was shocked. I just interviewed Kiko, now, we have this. This is driving me crazy. Consequently, Kiko unfollowed Heaven. He even deleted their photos. I feel like they have already parted ways, broken up.)

“Kasi yung ganyan na nag-unfollow na yung si lalaki dun sa babae, wala na yun.”

(When a guy unfollows a girl, it’s over.)

Wow, great, stereotyping, Ogie, right?

Anyway, he said that if Heaven also unfollows and removes their photos on her social media accounts, it will be a confirmation that they have already ended their relationship.

As of this writing, the actress still follows Kiko, and their sweet photos are still available on Instagram.

But Ogie later revealed that a source claimed that the two stars are no longer making sweet music.

“Yung reason, hindi natin alam. Pero ako, may nakausap kasi ako, kasi hindi pa nila ako kinakausap… Wala na sila talaga. Nag-split na sila…”

(We don’t know the reason for this. As for me, I have a source. [Kiko and Heaven] haven’t talked to me. They have really broken up. They have parted ways.)

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In addition, the former talent manager of Heaven stated,

“Ganyan naman talaga ang kabataan. Savor lang moment na kayong dalawa dahil happy pa kayo kapiling ang isa’t-isa pero darating ang panahon na hindi rin pala magiging kayo, sa iba ka pala mapupunta.”

(Young people are really like that. You savor your moments with each other because you’re together. However, a day will come that they will not end up with each other. You will end up with a different person.)

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