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Jumping Rope and Its Underrated Benefits

Jumping Rope and Its Underrated Benefits

When we were kids, we love to play around with almost anything. Remember the time when we were playing jumping rope with our friends? When we have so much energy to just jump and jump and jump. Well, that is also the very reason why we are active and fit then.

In the fitness field, there are a lot of ways to be physically healthy. There are lifting weights, high-intensity interval training (HIIT), and yoga to name a few. However, jumping or skipping rope is an underrated calorie-burning exercise that is known to many as just a kid’s toy. Yet, to people who already discovered this activity, not only are they staying in shape but exercising does not feel like a chore for them anymore.

Here are other benefits of jumping rope:

Jumping Makes Your Heart Pump

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Ever heard of the phrase my heart skipped a beat? Well, this is literally accurate for skipping rope. Since it is a cardio workout, it has a direct impact on our cardiorespiratory health. The more we jump for a time, the more our muscles need blood and oxygen. Hence, stronger heart and lung endurance. This will help us do physical activities for a longer time.

Once we have a healthier heart and lungs, we are preventing ourselves from acquiring cardiovascular diseases. This includes the prevention of high blood pressure, chronic diseases, and stroke.

Jumping is Calorie Burning

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To help us lose weight, experts suggest cutting calorie intake and focusing more on cardiovascular exercises. Studies show that jumping for ten to twenty minutes helps us lose approximately 300 calories since it produces heat in the body. The more we sweat means our body is emitting heat that our body needs to burn fats.

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Improves Your Balance and Coordination

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In the beginning, jumping rope is a little difficult. It is a rhythmical workout that requires balance and coordination. Since we are bouncing the rope with our arms while skipping, there is coordination involved in these parts of our body. If you are one clumsy person, jumping rope is perfect for you since it requires your body to jump in a constantly repeated pattern.

In addition, jumping rope is an exercise that is based on the person. Meaning the pace and intensity is entirely up to the person. Beginners may start at a low speed and careful motions not to push their body immediately. Yet, there should still be a gradual increase in this workout from time to time.

Working out should not be hard; it should be as fun as a kid’s game. So if you are looking for a workout to get you started on your fitness journey, all you need to do is wake the inner child in you and just begin to jump.

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