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I’m excited to be vaccinated. So, I can go out and wear these outfits:

I’m excited to be vaccinated. So, I can go out and wear these outfits:

Over the past year, the time has lost almost all sense of meaning. It has both flown and stood absolutely still simultaneously. But, here we are… Five months into 2021, and all of the sudden, summer is here. Two years ago, it would usually mean one thing: planning summer outfits. Thankfully, the Philippines is currently in the initial phase of vaccine rollout with the availability of Sinovac and AstraZeneca vaccines in the country. Likewise, the country also remains in the advanced stages of negotiations with the COVAX Facility and various other vaccine manufacturers.

And, admittedly, I’m excited to be vaccinated. So, I can go out and wear these warm-weathered outfits:

Ever since the pandemic started, I have only gone out when it’s absolutely necessary. Although beaches and public resorts still remain closed, it’s still warm outside. From backyard dates to supermarket strolls, we finally have *some* places to go and a *few* people to see. And, it’s time to wear outfits as we mean them. So, here are a few inspirations for your post-sweats and post-pajamas outfits.


Although I work from home all the time, I’d have to go to the office from time to time. And, as a 23-year-old editor-in-chief, I want to look as professional and badass as much as I can. That way, people can look at me and respect me because I look the part. Especially, with a crisp short-sleeved button-up shirt and a pair of black trousers.

For a more laidback approach, I would want to use a crisp oversized white long-sleeved button-up. Then, I’ll pair it with a sweater vest, and a pair of boots.


I’ve gone to brunch with my best friends a couple of times now. And, I would usually dress like a “scary dog.” A scary dog refers to the companion that a girl has to have just for her to comfortably walk around wearing whatever she wants, whenever she wants.

But, this time, I would like to wear a floral dress with a pair of combat boots. It features a juxtaposition with the femininity of the dress and the masculinity of the combat boots.


If my family or friends and I ever get to rent an entire private resort, I already had an outfit in mind. Of course, this would include a pair of swimwear that I’ve been planning to purchase. A black bikini would be perfect with bright-colored linen cropped button-up and a pair of black shorts.

A white bikini, on the other hand, would definitely compliment my brown skin tone. A white linen set would also look perfect, especially a long-sleeved button-up and matching pants.


These are probably the most casual clothes I wanted to wear. But, the thing is – it takes a whole lot of confidence for me to wear a sleeveless top. So, for me to wear a brown halter top is already a little too ‘out there’ for me, especially for a supermarket stroll. I plan on pairing it with my favorite pants that I thrifted for Php10.

As I’ve said, this is probably the most casual thing I want to wear – but I’ve never had a pair of basketball shorts that actually looks cute.


I have too many wide-legged pants for me not to wear. So, it would be a dream for me to wear those once again. A white shirt and a pair of Converse could be a perfect outfit for a date.

Or, maybe a black halter top would look better. Then, pair it with white sandals.

What is your favorite one? Let us know! 

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