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“If you see a Fleet… no, you didn’t,” Bye Fleets! Hello, new Twitter font.

“If you see a Fleet… no, you didn’t,” Bye Fleets! Hello, new Twitter font.

On August 3, Twitter removed Fleets from its feature after its announcement last July. They also added that they will be working on a new update regarding the social media app. Some users felt sad as Fleets offer good entertainment in using Twitter.


“If you see a Fleet… no, you didn’t,” Bye Fleets! Hello, new Twitter font.

Meanwhile, on August 12, people noticed that the Twitter font change. Some said they can see no difference at all and some said it got smaller. And, on Twitter’s official account, they confirmed the change in font, and they called it Chirp. In addition, the spaces between the letters got a little wider. Twitter Design said that it makes the text easier to read.

Aside from the font, Twitter also added a new color scheme and a slightly updated layout.

The color became high in contrast and a lot less blue. Additionally, Twitter Design also announced that the palette colors will be soon released. Also, the new buttons changed into a higher contrast. According to Twitter Design, this helps actions you made on the social media app to stand out. Just like the follow button, to immediately see if you accidentally unfollowed or followed someone.

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Another update offers fewer gray backgrounds and unnecessary divider lines. After some time, memes all over the platform spread pointing out the new update. Few users liked it. But, some showed a little disappointment as they expect that Twitter will add an edit button. That instead of the font or even the recent update Twitter space, it would be better if an edit button exists.

Also, some requested to remove the auto-scroll when the feed updates. Most of the users prefer the old app features and convincing the designers to bring the old ones back.

Maybe they are just not used to it yet. The app keeps on doing its job to offer its users a good service, yet the complaint will never be gone. The negative comments will always be in the process of changing something. For this reason, the app team might really be having a hard time who to listen to. Will it be the users who think the update is a fail or the people who like the change?

For now, we will wait for another announcement regarding this issue. Maybe sooner we’ll get the edit button that all of us asked for. It’s sad to say goodbye to what you used to be using and seeing, but sometimes it’s okay to welcome a change. Might be better to get used to it at the moment, or not use it for a while.

But for now, keep the birds chirping and enjoy the new phase of Twitter.

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