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ICYMI: Gong Yoo on Blackpink’s Lisa describing him as her ideal type

ICYMI: Gong Yoo on Blackpink’s Lisa describing him as her ideal type

In October, Blackpink appeared on the 251st episode of a South Korean variety show called Knowing Bros or Men on a Mission. Gathering in a classroom, they discussed personal topics with the show’s cast members. The ‘brothers’ or hosts pointed out that Lisa’s Korean has improved the last time that the girls appeared on the show. This lead to her revelation of describing Gong Yoo as her ideal type.

Blackpink’s Lisa describes Gong Yoo as her ideal type

Rosé proceeded to joke that Lisa could even win arguments with her improved Korean skills. Jennie and Jisoo, then, reveals that their Thai member watches a lot of Korean dramas. This, of course, becomes one of the reasons behind her refined Korean. Lisa also confirms this and noted that she has watched Guardian: The Lonely and Great God or also known as Goblin multiple times now.

When cast members assumed that she must be a fan of the actor, she didn’t deny it. When Jisoo encouraged her to make a wish to the genie, Lisa clapped her hands together and made a face that no one could probably say no to.

“I love Gong Yoo… My wish is to take a photo with Gong Yoo! Please!”

When asked why does Lisa like Gong Yoo, she insisted the only reason why.

“He’s just my type!”


Gong Yoo responds

Starring in a sci-fi film Seo Bok, Gong Yoo attended an interview along with his co-stars Jang Young Nam and Jo Woo Jin in Entertainment Weekly on KBS. The interviewer also told Gong Yoo how whenever people ask about female stars’ ideal type, his name always pops up. Jokingly, the actor asked for a list of those female stars when the camera’s off.

Then, the interviewer pointed out Lisa’s recent revelation about being a huge fan. The actor responded and left a comment on Blackpink’s success.

“I saw an article about it. She asked for an autograph. So, I sent one over. I didn’t personally give it to her… I’m thankful that she watches my projects.”

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